Girl’s Generation Member YoonA Astounds By Popularity Abroad; Collaborates With Cartier For A Marie Claire Photo Shoot

By Kitin Miranda | 2 years ago
Girl’s Generation Member YoonA Astounds By Popularity Abroad; Collaborates With Cartier For A Marie Claire Photo Shoot
Yoona at Party Showcase on July 7, 2015. July 7, 2015. 21:00:51. Wikimedia Commons/SparkleS805/Uploaded by Jin-gook

It is no question that the SM Entertainment idol group Girl’s Generation, ever since its conception, has been immensely popular, and has been influential when it comes to Korean pop music, as they also contributed a lot to the ongoing Hallyu Wave. However, the group in itself is just as good as its members, who are also, individually talented. One of the members, YoonA, a talented actress and entertainer in her own right, recently saw for herself just how much she has touched and reached the hearts of others during a recent trip to Taiwan. Also, YoonA was recently featured in the upcoming issue of Marie Claire, where she had an interesting photo shoot. Read on to learn more about this story, to learn more about YoonA’s trip to Taiwan, and regarding her recent photo shoot with Marie Claire.

Korean idol groups, whether it be an all female group, or an all male group, just like other Asian idol groups, usually consist of at least four or more members, which, at first might be confusing to those who are starting to appreciate and listen to Asian pop music.


However, as idol groups can go as high as nine members or more, one has to wonder how each member manages to stand out in his or her own little way.

Aside from group activities, normally, entertainers have other projects that they are working on, whether it might be a musical, film, drama, photo shoot, or solo singing career.

One such example of this would be Girl’s Generation’s YoonA, who, aside from being a dancer and a singer, has appeared in variety shows and in several television dramas.

However, the idol only just realized how vast her reach was and how much she has touched the hearts of her fans and supporters, especially as, according to All K Pop, thousands of fans came to see and support YoonA during her most recent trip to Taiwan.

The star took the opportunity to snap a selfie of herself, with a throng of admirers and fans in the background, and captioned it off with a heartfelt message to her Taiwanese fans, telling them that she hopes to see them all again soon. She then posted this onto her official Instagram account.

또 만나요~ 고마워융🙋💕 #융스타그램

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The Korean idol looked happy and delighted to see that she had so many fans in Taiwan.

Aside from this, according to K Pop Starz, YoonA recently collaborated with one of the world’s most luxurious jewlelry brands, Cartier, as she showcased their newest line in a pictorial with Marie Claire, for their upcoming November issue.


Included in what was showcased in the pictorial was the Amulette de Cartier SM necklace, whose charm was shaped like a padlock; and the Amulette de Cartier SM ring, which is studded with 43 diamonds and is made of 18 karats of white gold.

Do you agree that the Korean idol is indeed really popular? What do you think about YoonA and her activities? What do you think of the Cartier jewelry she wore for a recent photo shoot? Let us know what you think in the comments below!

Photo Source: Wikimedia Commons/SparkleS805/Uploaded by Jin-gook

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