Girls’ Generation Taeyeon Music Video ‘I’ Hit More Than 3M Views [Watch Video Now!]

By Rosella Jane Vargas | 2 years ago
Girls’ Generation Taeyeon Music Video ‘I’ Hit More Than 3M Views [Watch Video Now!]
Girls’ Generation Taeyeon Music Video ‘I’ Hit More Than 3M Views [Watch Video Now!]

Girls’ Generation Taeyeon can definitely set sail on solo projects as proved by the successes she attained under her name. Without a question, fans gave an all-out support for the recent move she did in her career.

According to Headlines and Global News, the music video for her latest released song entitled “I” gathered a staggering 1,000,000 views in YouTube in just an hour! Imagine the anticipation of her followers for this song. As of the writing time, it is already viewed 3, 445, 788 times and still counting.

The entire production of the music video was set in New Zealand. Taeyeon was first seen in his daytime job as a waitress, gleefully serving the customers. Then on most of the shots taken, she was enjoying the luscious green field, cool breeze, deep blue clear sky, and alluring beach side. The storyline of “I” progresses when her character seemed to become too exhausted in her job and tries to find something new, this is when she appreciated a butterfly and set to journey on a adventure close to nature. At the end of the music video, she faced a younger version of herself. The song also featured the rapper Verbal Jint.


Her timeless beauty and captivating voice were both featured perfectly in the “I” music video. Not only does this song raked million views for her in YouTube, but the album landed on huge music charts in South Korea, as reported by KPopStarz. The album, also entitled “I”, topped 8 charts such as Olleh Music, Naver Music, Mnet, Melon, Monkey3, Genie, and Soribada. The whole album can also be heard on Spotify. There are six songs in the album which include “Gemini”, “U R”, “Stress”, “Farewell”, “I” and an instrumental track of “I”.

Girls’ Generation Taeyeon keeps on achieving new heights. Will she soon be going to her solo career?

Photo Source: Taeyeon/Instagram

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