Gisele Bundchen Declares ‘Nobody Is Perfect:’ Is She Indicating Tom Brady?

By Meghna Subhedhar | 2 years ago

Gisele Bundchen has surprised her fans with a cryptic message on Instagram that seems to be pointing to someone who is doing something wrong. The press was quick to jump to the conclusion that this was Bundchen’s husband, Tom Brady. Read on for more details.

Gisele Bundchen may be busy with the New York Fashion Week, but she found time to share a cryptic message with her fans. Her message was sent out in Portugese – “Ninguém é perfeito. Mas você não pode continuar usando isso como uma desculpa para fazer coisas erradas ou não tentar melhorar.”

This when translated into English reads, “Nobody is perfect. But that is probably not a good excuse to keep making mistakes, doing the wrong things, and not trying to improve.”

This strange and cryptic quotation made her fans believe that somebody or someone had done wrong to her, and she was dishing out wisdom to that someone. Everybody then went on to conjecture that it was her husband Tom Brady, who has been in the news for all the wrong reasons.

Frankly speaking, nobody would want to be in Tom Brady’s position. There are rumors afoot that Brady and Bundchen are heading towards a divorce, even when both Brady and Bundchen have denied it time and again and given every indication that they still love each other’s company.

Brady was unfortunate enough to get mired in the Deflategate scandal, but thankfully got acquitted in time. And now, everybody is speaking of Bundchen getting breast implants because her torso wasn’t good enough for him. Brady has been pulled into so many scandals, and she is probably tired of it. We just hope that he is a good guy still, and is still in love with Bundchen, as except this cryptic message, Bundchen has never given any indication of not loving Brady.

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Photo Source: Facebook / Gisele Bundchen


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