Does Gisele Bundchen steal centerpieces when she gets invited to expensive dinners?

By Meghna Subhedhar | 2 years ago

Gisele Bundchen is the celebrity whom the media love to hound. If the press is not circulating rumors about her future with husband Tom Brady, they are busy spinning yarns about her getting plastic surgery done on her face and breasts. Tsk, Tsk! We are really bad that way!

Apparently, a snarky reporter saw Gisele Bundchen carrying a glass jar full of flowers and wondered if she was into stealing centerpieces. A reporter’s mind is worse than a devil’s workshop. We are very good at generating rumors and keeping them alive. So in the interest of satisfying your curiosity, read on.

Here’s what really happened. Bundchen was invited to a dinner party in NYC. The party was hosted by the Champions of the Earth Organization and Bundchen was invited because she is the goodwill ambassador of the United Nations Environment Program. Then she was seen stepping out with a glass jar full of flowers. End of story.

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Here’s what was written about the event. “Gisele Bundchen has a weird hobby of jacking centerpeices when she is out for expensive dinners”. The writer then clarified that the floral bouquet she was seen carrying was given to all the guests at the event. So much for all the brouhaha. The writer just made a non story into a story. And you spent ten minutes reading this page about it. I wish that I could stick my tongue out to show you that you were conned. But this is what we reporters do. We dish out interesting stories — some of which aren’t exactly true. Well, let’s just call them partially true stories.

So does Gisele Bundchen steal centerpeices from restaurants? The answer is “No, Gisele will never dream of doing such a thing! Why would you think that she would think of doing something so silly?”

Celebitchy and Celebrity Auction reported the news first.

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Photo Source: Facebook / Gisele Bundchen


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