Gisele Bundchen and Tom Brady News: Supermodel Gets Plastic Surgery to Please Husband

By Meghna Subhedhar | 2 years ago

Tom Brady may claim to love his wife completely, but a new rumor reports that Gisele Bundchen went through a plastic surgeon’s knife to impress Brady. Read on for  more details.

Brady recently claimed that his wife was very supportive of him and they were in a great place together, but recent events seem to show that he may be demanding too much of the Brazilian supermodel. Apparently, Bundchen was worried that Brady didn’t love her enough because she didn’t have ample breasts. She was so perturbed by the fact that she vowed to get breast augmentation just as soon as she could retire from modelling.

After she had retired from modelling, Bundchen went to a plastic surgeon in Paris and asked him for breast job. Apparently, Brady had ogled at busty girls one too many times in her presence and the lady wanted to show him that she cared enough to change her looks for him.

After the Deflategate scandal, Brady had always had Bundchen’s complete support in every personal matter. She even accompanied him to the courts till the matter was settled. The way things stand, we are forced to acknowledge the fact that Bundchen is bending over backwards to accommodate Brady’s every trivial wish. After all, Bundchen was a supermodel. Her body was chosen for the ramps because it was perfect. Why can’t Brady accept her for who she is? Why did Bundchen have to get surgery to get his attention?

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This incident just goes to show that the Bundchen Brady alliance may be on the rocks and the two may not be as close to each other as has been previously conjectured.

What do you think? Is a marriage worth getting worried about if it is so superficial that one partner has to change her looks to keep the other interested?

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