Giuliana Rancic And Maria Menounos Bad Blood Not Over? Rancic Thankful For Her 14 Years in The Business

By Lex Lopez | 2 years ago
Giuliana Rancic And Maria Menounos Bad Blood Not Over? Rancic Thankful For Her 14 Years in The Business
Giuliana Rancic

Giuliana Rancic and Maria Menounos have never looked each other straight in the eye ever since their paths crossed on the E! Network. This was prompted by both women coveting for the same position which now turned into a nasty subliminal catfight online.

Radar Online reported that Rancic has been controlling an emotional outburst on the matter since early this year of her replacement.

“Giuliana feels threatened by Maria because of the fact that Maria signed with E! and her contract included Live From E!, as well as stake in the company and her own show,” the insider confided.

The battle for the co-host began when Rancic who already gave her notice of leaving her E! duties last year changed her plans as her surrogate suffered a miscarriage. Rancic decided to extend her deal with E! but now has to job share the spotlight with Menounos. The 36-year-old former “Extra” host was adamant of staking her claim as the new queen on E!.

Recently, Menounos signed a fat contract with the network before July ended. She will join Jason Kennedy, Terrence Jenkins and Catt Sadler for hosting duties and will fill in for Rancic’s shoes, who will be departing from the show this Aug. 10.

John Najarian, executive vice president for E! told Today that, “As an established entertainment and news journalist with strong Hollywood connections. Maria has proven herself to be a great fit with the  E! News’ team.”

Despite the setback, Rancic has remained civil and, according to NZ City, was proud of her 14 years of accomplishment in the business.

“I want to grow as a person, as a businesswoman, as a host, and in order for me to grow, I need to take on a new venture and new challenges,” she assured her fan base.

Rancic will still be a television personality for the E! Network as she will continue to be the face of “Fashion Police”

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Photo Source: Facebook/Giuliani Rancic

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