Giuliana Rancic’s Hair Comment on Zendaya Edited Out

By Florida Mae Acampado | 3 years ago
Giuliana Rancic’s Hair Comment on Zendaya Edited Out
Giuliana Rancic in Notte by Marchesa

After Giuliana Rancic apologized to Zendaya for the offensive racist comment she made about her hair in ‘Fashion Police’, it is later revealed that there’s more to her comment, but it was edited out by E! Entertainment. So what else did she say?

TheWrap reports that while Giuliana Rancic shouldered the results of the racist hair comment she made about Zendaya’s dreadlocks, E! Entertainment has been silent over the entire exchange. But as it turned out, Rancic really wasn’t at fault of the comment. In fact, what was viewed on TV wasn’t the real thing at all!

After the 2015 Oscars Awards night, Rancic and her co-hosts in ‘Fashion Police’ commented on the celebrities in a video recap of the red carpet. When Zendaya finally walked on the carpet in a beautiful white dress and sporting elegant dreadlocks, Rancic commented, “I feel like she smells like patchouli oil,” later followed by, “… maybe weed.”

As it turned out, Rancic originally said: “I love Zendaya’s style and I love when she has the little hair, she just had it. She has such a tiny frame that this hair to me overwhelms her, it’s really heavy it overwhelms her and it’s just like too Boho. Zendaya is more high fashion. The hair to me, on her, is making her a little boho like I feel like she smells like patchouli oil and weed.

During the taping of this part, Rancic was flashing the peace sign with both hands, thus making a reference to some sort of hippie remark. Also, before Rancic was able to finish her joke about Zendaya possibly touring with The Grateful Dead, Kathy Griffin interrupted her.

And now, due to the edited, racist version being showed on TV, many people took to Twitter to bash Rancic. Later on, Zendaya herself also took to Twitter to speak out her mind, commenting that Rancic’s bash on her hair was not only stereotypical but also ‘outrageously offensive’. In response to this, Rancic took to Twitter and on TV to apologize for her comment, which Zendaya later accepted.

But with these new developments, it may seem as if Rancic took all the blame for what was actually E! Entertainment’s editing problems. Sources admitted to TheWrap how disappointed they are with E!,  leaving Rancic during these trying times. They revealed that she has become emotionally stressed and has even received some death threats.

As of now, Rancic and E! Entertainment have not yet released official statements regarding the matter.

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Photo source: Wikimedia Commons/The Heart Truth

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