“Glee” Season 6 Episode 11 “The Hurt Locker, Part Two”

By Miguel Lauresta | 3 years ago
“Glee” Season 6 Episode 11 “The Hurt Locker, Part Two”
Photo of the Glee cast members. 2009 Wikimedia Commons/Keith McDuffee

You can say a lot about “Glee,” but one thing is certain, comments will still fly no matter how good or bad an episode. So let’s get the ball rolling. Read on for the recap of “Glee” Season 6, Episode 11 “The Hurt Locker, Part Two.”

Last week was a good episode with a solid storyline that they were following. But this week even though they were still on the storyline it somehow felt disjointed. It was like the storyline is what keeping it together no matter how ludicrous it seemed because without it, it will just become a supercut of Sue tirade and Klaine sequences.

Sue’s creepy fangirling on Klaine isn’t something to be hated about. A lot of real life fans are like her or maybe even more of a fan than her. What’s not fun to watch was that desperate scene where she locks up Blaine and Kurt in an elevator with the hopes of rekindling their romance. This was not most ingenious plan of Sue.

As for Klaine, it would’ve been better if the two fought or even finally talked about their relationship and why it failed. The show missed the chance to show that with all the crazy things happening in that show. There are still moments where its characters can talk and be mature in dealing with real life situations like a breakup. But no, “Glee” went and took the easy road of campiness and frills instead of being real.

One of the things that felt good about this episode is that it lessened Rachel Berry’s exposure. Now, she became a secondary character in all of the storylines going on. Her character shines best when it’s not about her and she’s not making it about her. The other is Kitty Wilde. We need some top sassy lady to head the new members of New Direction and we might have found her. Her character showed complexity when she expressed sadness over the breakup of the club and how she is willing to go back and go against Sue Sylvester. Even if she might be the lovechild of Quinn and Santana.

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Photo source: Wikimedia Commons/Keith McDuffee

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