Glee Spoilers: Season 5 Episode 19 Old Dog New Tricks Airs on May 6, 2014, Chris Colfer and Kurt Share The Spotlight [WATCH VIDEO]

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Glee Spoilers: Season 5 Episode 19 Old Dog New Tricks Airs on May 6, 2014, Chris Colfer and Kurt Share The Spotlight [WATCH VIDEO]
Photo of the Glee cast members. 2009 Wikimedia Commons/Keith McDuffee

“Glee” Season 5 Episode 19 “Old Dog New Tricks” is set to be aired on Tuesday, May 6, 2014 at 9 p.m. on FOX. WARNING! “Glee” Spoilers Ahead! Read only if you want to know more about the upcoming “Glee” Season 5 Episode 19 “Old Dog New Tricks.”

FOX previously announced that “Glee” Season 5 will air its final episode on May 13, 2014, and things continued to be interesting as the end gets near.

According to the official synopsis posted on TV Guide, Santana takes on another role in helping out Rachel. In “Glee” Season 5 Episode 18 “Back Up Plan” (air date: April 29, 2014), Santana temporarily replaced her in the Broadway show “Funny Girl” in the hopes that Rachel will retain her spot. Is their rivalry really out of the picture?

On the other hand, Rachel needs to fix her damaged reputation. Her Broadway producer learned about her being late and her TV audition. The producer warned her about getting sued for breach of contract and ruining her career.Her audition for a futuristic TV series was also a failed one. Good thing was that she was called in for developing a show around her.

With the help of Santana as her publicist, they create a charity for rescue animals to help build her image again. Will it be enough to regain her reputation? Can she have the best of both worlds without jeopardizing her Broadway stint?

“Glee” Season 5 Episode 19 “Old Dog New Tricks” will also show Kurt after getting the starring role as “Peter Pan” in a musical production. In an interview with TV Line’s Michael Ausiello, Chris Colfer said that Kurt and Blaine will be on the rocks as their relationship gets in the way of their career. He also shared that they will fight until the end of “Glee” Season 5.

“I love it when we fight,” Colfer shared to TV Line.

“It’s funny, the fans get upset with me when I say things like this, but we’re actors. That’s why we go to work, for the drama. I’m very happy when there’s some drama with them,” added Colfer in the TV Line report.

Meanwhile, the “Glee” spotlight is on Chris Colfer and his character, Kurt Hummel. TV Line first reported that Colfer was invited by the “Glee” creator Ryan Murphy and the other producers to write an episode for “Glee” Season 5.

The 23-year old actor seemed to be perfect for the job as he previously worked on the screenplay for the 2012 film”Struck By Lightning.” He also had the lead role and was a producer of the film. Aside from that, he also wrote the children’s book series, “The Land of Stories.”

In other news, Naya Rivera’s career in “Glee” is now in danger, as said in multiple reports. E! Online and PopWrapped reported that Naya Rivera was written off the upcoming “Glee” Season 5 finale.

New York Daily News reported that Naya was also fired from “Glee.” It was said that she got booted out of the show due to the alleged real life rift between her and Lea Michele. FOX and “Glee” producers refused to comment on the matter. Although a representative from Naya Rivera’s camp straightened out the rumours in an statement which was also published in the NY Daily News report.

“Any reports or rumors circulating that Naya Rivera was let go or fired from Glee are absolutely untrue. End of story,” said Rivera’s rep in the NY Daily News article.

“Glee” Season 5 Episode 19 “Old Dog New Tricks” is set to air on May 6, 2014 at 9 p.m. on FOX. It was directed by Bradley Buecker and written by Chris Colfer.

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