‘Glee’ Star Lea Michele Plans to Move On

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‘Glee’ is doing what many television shows should have done and didn’t- graduating its cast members when each character is slated to graduate from high school.

While leaving a hit TV show often leaves actors and actresses anxious or nervous about future work, whether in film or television, that is not always the case. For star Lea Michele, the end of ‘Glee’ does not mean the end of her career, but a new beginning.

Michele even thought it was a good idea that her character be able to move on to attend college and pursue her dreams.

Like her character, Rachel Berry, Michele plans to move on after graduating. She shares her character’s big dreams and career aspirations. As she reveals in Harper’s Bazaar September issue, “I plan on playing every role on Broadway.” She also wants to film movies and record an album, noting her relative youth and the number of years she has before her to pursue a diverse career in show business.

Lea Michele, 24, had big plans before being hired on to play “Glee’s’ Rachel Berry. And the role gave her career a huge boost as her character Rachel became a fan favorite. As a result, Michele is both excited for her post-‘Glee’ future, and thankful for the experience that shot her to stardom.

'Glee' Star Lea Michele Plans to Move On
'Glee' Star Lea Michele Plans to Move On

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