The Goldbergs Recap: Season 1 Finale Episode 23 Living on a Prayer

By Sarahlee Bertulfo | 4 years ago
The Goldbergs Recap: Season 1 Finale Episode 23 Living on a Prayer
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The Goldberg’s Season 1 Finale Episode 23 “Living on a Prayer” is named after a popular song from the eighties; Bon Jovi’s “Living on a Prayer.”  Well that’s what the show is all about, reliving the 80’s era and what could be more delightful than listening to Bon Jovi’s song as Barry Goldberg dance along with his “Karate Kid” attire. Not to mention his boom box 80s stereo! Can you still remember those oversize cassette players that kids carry around those days while they are break dancing?  Barry’s dance scene was one of the highlights of the episode. Read on for “The Goldbergs” recap of Season 1 Finale Episode 23 “Living on a Prayer.”

According to Entertainment Weekly (EW), in “The Goldbergs” Season 1 Finale Episode 23 “Living on a Prayer,” Murray is a guest of honor for the school after some kid broke his high school basketball free-throw record.

As the crowd cheers for Murray to “shoot the ball”, while doing his legendary free-throw for the last time, suddenly he misses, and went home humiliated and mocked by his wife.

Switching topics to Barry, he was in the cafeteria later that day and tries to invite everyone to a party at his place in the hopes of catching the attention of his dream girl, Lexy Bloom.

Later that night, the party turned out to be a disaster when only two of his geeky friends showed up. Thank God for Erica!  She saves the day when Pops convinced her to invite her friends instead, knowing she’s the popular one.  With just one call and bam!  Almost all the kids from their high school showed up and that includes none other than Lexy Bloom!

The funny part was when the narration said “nowadays all it takes was a tweet but back then, one phone call works just as well.”   The party that was a disaster turned into a riot when it went out of control and Erica loses her coolness. She asked Barry to shut down the party but he refuses.  Erica drops the bomb that it’s not his party since these are all her friends especially when she directs his attention to his dream girl Lexy making out with other guys.

To make things worse, their parents came home and were furious at the party held in their house. Some of the kids were EVEN wearing her sweaters! Barry tried to convince his parents that this party might only be the best moment of his life.  And so came the “Living on a Prayer” moment, the kids were also dancing and singing to the song. Then Barry’s first kiss with her sister’s friend happens.

That’s “The Goldbergs” recap of  Season 1 Finale Episode 23 “Living on a Prayer” Catch it on ABC. For more updates about “The Goldbergs,” check out Movie News Guide (MNG) regularly.



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