The Goldbergs Spoilers: Season 1 Finale Episode 23 Sweater Party

By Sarahlee Bertulfo | 4 years ago

One of the funniest TV shows ever is ABC’s “The Goldbergs!” The series was created by Adam F. Goldberg starring Wendy McLendon-Covey and Jeff Garlin. If you are a big fan of the 80s you will surely love this sitcom because it’s set in the 80s.  The series is actually about Adam F. Goldberg’s childhood in Jenkintown, Pennsylvania where he documented everything through video.  Adam’s character will be played by Sean Giambrone as the youngest among the three children, Troy Gentile as Barry Goldberg and Hayley Orrantia as Erica Goldberg. Read on for “The Goldbergs” spoilers of Season 1 Finale Episode 23 “Sweater Party.”

According to Spoilers Guide, for “The Goldbergs” Season 1 Finale Episode 23 “Sweater Party,” hilarious as always, we see Barry translating effortlessly his sister’s sad story or teenage drama to be exact and the reason is no other than a boy at school.  Erica comes rushing in the family’s living room and was crying and babbling at the same time.  Thanks to Barry for clearing that out. We will also see Murray reviving his high school days as got  invited as guest of honor to hand over his free throw record that was defeated.  His high school spirit is coming back to life now, reviving his glory days. Will we see a flashback of events in slow motion? With the background music of Queen’s “We are the Champion” but before we get carried away that all ended when he was mocked by the crowd, what a bummer!

Meanwhile, back at home, let’s make a guess on who’s throwing a party!? It’s Barry! But just like his dad, he quickly loses the attention but Erica’s friend Lainey will help him get it back.

Guest stars for “The Goldbergs” Season 1 Finale Episode 23 “Sweater Party” are AJ Michalka as Lainey Lewis, Ginny Gardner as Lexy Bloom, Dustin Ybarra as Nitrous, Keith Pillow as Principal Dover, Joey Luthman as Roger McFadden, Jimmy Bellinger as Gustav, Paul McKinney as Reporter and Jackson Odell as Ari Caldwell.

“The Goldbergs” Season 1 Finale Episode 23 “Sweater Party” is written by Adam Goldberg and Chris Bishop and directed by Claire Scanlon. So don’t miss it on Tuesday, May 13, 2014. For more updates about “Sweater Party,” tune in regularly to Movie News Guide (MNG).

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