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The thriller drama – “Gone” has been directed by Heitor Dhalia and its starring is Amanda Seyfried featured as Jill. The plot of the drama is picked from a story that features Amanda Seyfried as Jill Conway. Jill is a young woman who lives with her sister in Portland. The sister Emily Wickersham featured as Molly is recovering from alcohol. “Gone” is a suspense thriller, which brings forth an unfolding story of a kidnapped sister Molly.

Jill comes home only to discover that her sister Molly has been abducted. Apparently Jill had escaped from a kidnapper only a year ago and this perhaps convinces her that the same kidnapper is behind the abduction of her sister. Jill believes Molly will be killed by sundown. When Jill was kidnapped by a serial killer one year ago, she was dragged to a hole in a forest. She found human remains in the hole.

When she was in the hole, the killer descended to kill her but she knocked him unconscious with a bone. She managed to climb his rope and returned home. In a twist of events, the police investigating the incident did not find the hole in the forest. For several years, Jill had psychological problems and had been committed to a psychiatric institution after the death of her parents.

Police believe that there is no kidnapping and this is another case of an isolated psychological complication. The abduction only happened in Jill’s head. This assumption closes the case. One day before, Jill and her friend Sharon Ames had been handsomely tipped by a regular customer in their place of work- at a local diner. The customer claimed that he was about to move out of town and this is why he had offered the generous tip.

Jill knew that Molly could not have left the house on her own and that she was scheduled to have an exam the following day. She heads to the police station to report the matter. However, sergeant Powers and Detective Erica dismiss her claims. They promise to look into the matter after a few days. She tells them that it will be too late.

However, before she leaves the station, a newcomer Detective, Peter Hood, reacts differently and pulls her aside and tells Jill that he believes her story. Detective Peter Hood gives her a card and asks her to call if she needs help. In her pursuit for the abductor, Jill discovered that the name of the kidnapper is Jim McCoy.

She plans to meet Jim in the forest park where she finds herself in danger again. She is trapped to a hole but manages to shot the kidnapper. Pulling out of the hole she forces the abductor to disclose where Molly is. Apparently Molly had been hidden in their house all that time and she was only being used to trap Jill in the hands of the kidnapper. Jill burns the kidnapper alive with kerosene and returns home. She later sarcastically tells the ordeal to the police and reveals where the hole is. The earlier closed case is reopened afresh. This movie will release on the 20th April 2012. It is such as thrilling film that you may not want to miss this.


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