‘The Good Dinosaur’ Official Character Descriptions Revealed Following the Release of Final Trailer

By Anshul Hardikar | 2 years ago
‘The Good Dinosaur’ Official Character Descriptions Revealed Following the Release of Final Trailer

“The Good Dinosaur” is sure to be a fun adventure for kids and Pixar has made sure to not leave anything out when it comes to entertaining children. Following the massive success of “Inside Out,” the animation studio seems to be going in for a double victory at the box office. In order to push the promotions for the movie further, official character descriptions were revealed recently.


The Movie Network reported that after having to release the final trailer for the movie, official character descriptions have made its way for everyone to see. First up is the protagonist Arlo, an Apatosaurus who is the last one to hatch in his family and has a fear of everything. Though he is willing to help his family with the chores it is only when he is separated from them, he comes to realize that there’s so much more to him he has been unaware of. Finding himself all alone and away from family after having fallen down a river, Arlo makes a new friend, a human and names him Spot.

Second is Spot, who later on becomes Arlo’s best friend. He is a cave boy who has lived alone most of his life in the wilderness. He shows great courage and fearlessness when he embarks on a journey with Arlo. Then there is Arlo’s father Poppa, who is a devoted father and a husband. Poppa works on the farm and believes Arlo can achieve something in his life once he overcomes his fear of everything.

There’s also a T-Rex called Butch, who true to his species is an intimidating and rugged dinosaur. He lives to tell the tales of his days as a veteran rancher and boasts of a slightly different parenting technique when it comes to his kids. Sam Elliot voices the character with his unique style. Butch’s kids include Ramsey and Nash where the former one is the fearless one and believes in listening to good jokes and having a soft spot for those in need. Nash, on the other hand, is the slow one but boasts a highly positive attitude.


Cinema Blend believes that “The Good Dinosaur” is on the verge of being a major hit. The estimate comes from the fact that the movie has generated 3.7 million engagements across all digital platforms when compared to “Inside Out” that had only 1.5 million engagements at the same stage. “The Good Dinosaur” will release on Nov. 25, 2015.

Photo source: Facebook/The Good Dinosaur

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