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Photo a man wearing Kaneda’s costume in New York Comic Con 2015 – Kaneda Cosplay at the 2015 New York Comic Con (NYCC 2015). Kaneda is a character of “Akira Manga” .

A report published in Moviepilot says that after spending 13 and half years in developmental hell a live version of “Akira Manga” might see the daylight. The scriptwriter  Marco Ramirez ( “Daredevil” showrunner ) and director Christopher Nolan (Director of “Dark Knight” trilogy, “Intersteller”) have started the project once again.

“Akira” is a Japanese comics series and is written by Katsuhiro Ottomo. Comics are called Manga in Japan. The story is illustrated by the writer himself. It is based on post-apocalyptic neo-Tokyo. The writer tries to explore themes of social isolation, corruption, and power in that society in the story. “Akira” Mangas’ first animated film adaptation was released on 1988. It was directed by the writer himself. The film has shortened the actual story and developed a plot where main characters are retained. The film also retained the structure of the plot as well as the original scene and settings. Though the story doesn’t have any consistent main character yet, Kaneda and Tetsuo remained almost key characters throughout.

From 2002 onward, when Warner Bros. had acquired rights to produce the live version of “Akira Manga,” many writers, directors, actors, and producers tried their hands on the project. Most of them were unsuccessful in creating the concept art. The list  includes Leonardo Di Capario, Gary Oldman, James Franco, Garrett Hedlund, and Zack Efron.

The report further says that the adaption of the cult film is always a difficult project, especially Hollywood’s adaptation of Asian cult films. Comics like “Akira Manga” are philosophical horror and science fiction, which are made for animation films or manga and not for live action version neither for Hollywood comics. Moreover, Hollywood actors and actresses play the role in western fashion; so, the Asian cult theme remains missing. Now, the important question: Who will be the casts of “Akira manga” in live action version?

In a report published by Ganriki, it says that since Akira” is a Japanese story and when if it is retold in the western fashion, there is said to be a possibility that it might make the movie pointless to watch. There are some stories which cannot be transplanted. The film is also said to be an example of fallacy. The report says the Hollywood always have the tendency to market anything under big brand names without recognizing the market for the movie. The fans of “Akira Manga” are quite satisfied with the original work; so, why should they watch a Western remake? Audience require more than brand name production to watch the movie. The news is in the air that Warner Bros. has also cut the budget for making “Akira” to an extending where they can bear the loss if the movie flops.

Photo Source: Wikimedia Commons/Akira Manga’s Kaneda 

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