The Good Wife Kills a Major Character

By Hannah Aven Guarin | 4 years ago
The Good Wife Kills a Major Character
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Currently, the netizens and fans alike of CBS’s “The Good Wife” could not believe what they have seen on the program’s last episode “Dramatics, Your Honor” aired on March 23, 2014, Sunday, on CBS. Read on for “The Good Wife” Season 5 Episode 16 “Dramatics, Your Honor” recap.

Previously on “The Good Wife” (“Dramatics, Your Honor” Season 5 Episode 16 air date: March 23, 2014), Nelson Dubeck (Eric Bogosian) asked Alicia (Julianna Margulies) for her statement to about the election investigation. Alicia asked Cary to become her lawyer.

Will (Josh Charles), struggling to defend his client Jeffrey Grant (Hunter Parrish), was faced with an arduous new prosecutor.

Meanwhile, the viewers were shocked that in this episode, Will Gardner, a major character, was shot by his client Jeffrey Grant. When Will reached the hospital, he was pronounced dead.

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It was indeed a surprising twist in the plot of the legal drama. However, the writers of the program confirmed that the fans will no longer see Will—well, aside from the flashbacks in Alicia’s point of view.

Michelle and Robert King, co-creators of the show, said that Josh Charles approached them over a year ago about leaving the series according to the report from Deadline.

In an interview with TV Line, Charles explained why he left “The Good Wife.” He clarified that he was ready to open another chapter in his life. After his negotiations with Julianna Margulies and with the show’s co-creators, Charles emphasized that he liked the idea of doing a finite number of episodes.

“It all sounded like positives for me and for the show, and that turned out to be true. Once the decision was made and we knew what we were doing, it made it very special for me because I knew going into this season that this would be my last year, that I would be doing these 15 episodes,” said Charles in the TV Line report.

The writers of the show thanked Charles after the “Dramatics, Your Honor” episode via Twitter:

@MrJoshCharles Every moment has been a pleasure. We’ll more than miss you. With all our gratitude, Michelle & Robert #thegoodwife,tweeted the Good Wife Writers on their official Twitter account.

Charles also expressed his gratitude with the team:

@GoodWifeWriters The pleasure has been all mine. I’ve learned so much working with both of you & I’m in awe of your talent & storytelling.,” tweeted Charles in his official Twitter account.

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