The Good Wife Recap: Dear God

By Hannah Aven Guarin | 3 years ago
The Good Wife Recap: Dear God
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The Good Wife” Season 6 Episode 3 “Dear God” aired on Sunday, Oct. 5, 2014, at 9:00 p.m. on CBS. Alicia and Dean represented Cary’s client in court regarding an infringement of an agri businessman’s genetically modified seed. Read on to learn more about this episode.

“The Good Wife” Episode 3 “Dear God” opened with Cary (Matt Czuchry) being interviewed. He was asked several questions, which involved the “persons” in his supposed party. Gubick (Linda Lavin) pressed on, which led to Cary admitting that it was just one person — Kalinda (Archie Panjabi). A scene showed them sleeping together.

During the trial, Alicia (Julianna Margulies) and Dean (Taye Diggs) argued for Cary’s client. However, instead of focusing on their respective clients, the lawyers seemed to be arguing among each other. The two clients, who were also neighbors, thought that they would settle with an arbiter, a Christian arbiter.

While in the trial, Diane (Christine Baranski) approached Cary. She informed him that Trey, the witness regarding his case, the one wearing the wire, was gone. He just went missing. Diane said that the state attorney could drop the case. However, it proved that it would not be easy. While Diane argued that the state witness was gone, Finn (Matthew Goode) said that they were asking to revoke the bail. He claimed that Cary intimidated the witness, which involved Kalinda. Kalinda was photographed with Trey.

Then it was Alicia’s turn to be interviewed for Cary’s bond obligations. When asked how he was doing in work, Alicia said good, though the flashback showed that it was a lie. The scene showed Alicia having a conversation with Castro (Michael Cerveris). He said that Cary can enter into plea bargaining if he testified against Bishop (Mike Colter). Castro opened up the state attorney post. He told Alicia that it would not be good for her candidacy if her partner goes to jail.

Then suddenly, everyone thought that Alicia finally agreed to run — thanks to Morning Edition. Moreover, the Matthew process was getting somehow complicated. Alicia enlisted the help of her daughter for her argument. During the meeting, Dell (Robert Sean Leonard) said he would pray over the case.

Back to Cary’s case, Trey’s wife revealed that Trey met with an Indian woman who told him that someone was after him. Diane did not want to know the details about what Kalinda did. Cary then asked Kalinda about it, but she would not tell.

After bumping into Gloria Steinem, Alicia was having second thoughts about running. Steinem told Alicia that people respect her. During the meeting with Dell, Wendell admitted what he did. His lawyer just would not let it go and still quoted stuff from the Bible. Then an argument ensued. The two clients left and remained friends.

Eli (Alan Cumming) told Alicia that Peter (Chris Noth) is endorsing Castro. Alicia thought that Eli was just trying to get her to say yes. It turned out that it was true, because Peter would not endorse if the candidate is not a sure win. Then Steinem popped out again, and we saw Alicia smiled with the thought.

Cary was free from bail. Thanks to Gubick who was asked to intervene. Outside, Alicia talked to Castro. Castro emphasized that Will (Josh Charles) being Alicia’s lover was no rumor. Alicia got back at him by telling him to get everything off of his chest. Then the episode ended with “If I run, what’s the plan?”

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