Gooding Jr. Sought By Police

By admin | 6 years ago

The police department in New Orleans is looking for actor Cuba Gooding Jr. The police said an incident took place in a bar early Tuesday. The actor and Academy Award winner is alleged to have pushed a bartender twice at an establishment located in the city’s French Quarter. The bartender was female, said a police spokesperson.

One news agency said the police department in New Orleans had issued an arrest warrant for battery on Tuesday for Gooding Jr. following the alleged incident on Bourbon Street. Police officials said the incident had taken place at around 3:00 am.

Officials, in a prepared statement, said that according to the bartender, the 44-year old Gooding Jr. entered the establishment with a number of other individuals. A short time later, a number of patrons at the bar noticed who Gooding was and began to ask the star actor for photos and to sign autographs. The bartender alleges that Gooding, who apparently was trying to have a low key under the radar night out, soon started to became very agitated with the patrons’ constant requests.

When the bartender tried to approach Gooding to request that he calm down, Gooding allegedly pushed her with his open hand, police said she told them. Another member of the staff, upon seeing what happened, called 911. The bartender then verbally warned Gooding that New Orleans police were in route and said he had to leave. The bartender said she was then pushed once again by Gooding on his way out of the bar.

Gooding has been filming a movie in New Orleans. The Butler, is a drama about a butler in the White House who served for eight U.S. presidents.

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