GOP Immigration Plan Will Include Guest Worker Program

By admin | 6 years ago

Republicans are trying to balance the different opinions held by members over immigration. They are taking a strong stance against illegal immigrants, while also calling for the renewal of the temporary guest worker program. The 2012 platform for the Republican National Committee on immigration calls for the reliable and legal source of foreign employees via a new program for temporary guest workers.

Members of the committee were surprised that no one fought against the program’s inclusion in the platform. They were expecting hard liners on immigration to attack the proposed guest worker program since the standard has been that illegal immigrants take jobs away from Americans. Many business leaders have disputed that statement by saying there are plenty of jobs like fruit picking and roofing that legal workers from the U.S. refuse to do.

The platform of the Republicans also seeks the long-term detention for those people who are dangerous, but are un-deportable aliens. It also proposes to make membership in gangs an offense that is deportable. It is quite typical that policy platforms during the electoral year are vague when it comes to details, as it is not legislation. What is important is the tone, and the Republicans want everyone to know they are tougher across the board on illegal immigration than is President Obama.

The vote from Hispanics come into play and how the immigration question is handled by the Republicans will be critical in determining whether the conservative Latino voters will be convinced enough to cast their votes for Mitt Romney.

Usually Hispanics are more conservative than a traditional Democrat is, as half consider themselves independents according to recent polls. However, two-thirds voted in 2008 for Obama.

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