‘Gossip Girl’s’ Ed Westwick Loves Batman, Hates Reality

By admin | 8 years ago

Gossip Girl stud Ed Westwick says he would love to play Batman. Who wouldn’t?

Westwick is best  known for playing Chuck Bass in the beloved CW show Gossip Girl.  The 23-year-old revealed that he has loved the bat-character every since he was a youngling.

“It would be a dream come true to play Batman in a big blockbuster movie,” says Westwick. “He was my childhood superhero. He’s a damn good fighter and has access to amazing gadgets, such as the utility belt and, of course, the Batmobile – I’d give my left arm just to sit in it.”

Dreams is all he’ll have as the cowl is already filled by Christian Bale. Good thing.

Batman 3 is expected to debut in 2012.

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