‘GoT’ Spoiler: Jon Snow May Be ‘Alive’!

By Ivy Candelaria | 2 years ago
‘GoT’ Spoiler: Jon Snow May Be ‘Alive’!
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A lot of “Game of Thrones” followers were devastated when their favorite bastard son of Eddard Stark died. Now, hear this: Jon Snow may be alive and there’s a photo to prove it. Read on for more details.

A crazy game of chase has been taking place between “GoT” fans and actor Kit Harrington (“Pompeii”, “Seventh Son”) since his character Jon Snow took his last breath after the betrayal of his Night’s Watch countrymen. Still, the question remains, is he really dead? (via TV by the Numbers)

Harrington has hinted that he will return to the show despite his character being killed off. Anticipation has been building up until Friday, when he was spotted on set in Belfast, looking very much alive.

Daily Mail reports that the Lord Commander of the Night’s Watch was settled in Stark clothes, complete with his sword on his hip as production filmed on the distant Northern Ireland hilltop.

He wore his long locks in his signature man bun and seemed to be deep in conversation as they gathered around several expensive-looking pieces of camera gear.

In a wider shot of the same image, a woman can be spotted sitting nearby underneath an umbrella. She is believed to be Carice van Houten (“Repo Men”, “Valkyire”), who plays the Red Witch, Lady Melisandre. Fans are guessing that she may be the possible reason why Jon Snow was brought back to life—but then again, this is just a speculation. Harrington may be shooting for a flashback or he may be resurrected as a zombie, who knows what other outrageous possibilities eager fans can think of?

One thing’s for sure, enthusiastic viewers are most definitely awaiting for the show’s comeback. After all, the hit HBO series did not achieve a record-breaking feat of 12 awards from its 24 nominations from the recently concluded Emmys.

“Game of Thrones” returns Spring 2016.

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Photo Source: The Independent

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