How ‘Gotham’ Just Secretly Debuted The Court of Owls, Azrael & Batwoman

By Nilankur Dutta | 2 years ago
How ‘Gotham’ Just Secretly Debuted The Court of Owls, Azrael & Batwoman

“Scarification,” the fifth episode of the second season of “Gotham” offered some really great forays into the Batman mythology. With the introduction of a female firefly, and laying the groundwork for the origin of ‘Azrael’ and the Court of Owls within the show’s universe, “Gotham” just amped its pace. To find out all the bat-secrets you missed, read on further.

Obviously, SPOILERS for Gotham Season 2 abound, so venture at your own risk.

“Scarification” introduced a female pyromaniac: Bridget Pike, portrayed by the stunning Michelle Veintimilla, who has unwillingly inducted into her brothers’ criminals plans. Soon she finds that she just, to quote an ‘Alfred’ from a different universe, ‘wants to watch the world burn’. According to Veintimilla, who spoke to Variety:

“She’s testing her limits and she’s learning, she doesn’t really know her strengths yet and what the limits are, so she makes mistakes, and some of them end up being destructive.”

We also learned that her friendship with Selina Kyle is going to become crucial later on and that their friendship is going to affect both women in unlikely ways.


Firefly has always been the most fun Batman villain, but the “Gotham” fact that we are most excited about is the introduction of the ‘Five Founding Families’ of Gotham that ‘Theo Galavan’ told us about. According to Theo Galavan, who really is Theo Dumas, the five founders of the city are The Waynes, the Kane, the Elliot, the Crowne and the Dumas clan.

If you are a Batman fan, these sheer names are enough to get your blood-pressure up. But For those who didn’t spend most of their childhoods pouring over comics, here’s a short roundup of the families.

The Waynes, we all know. Because, duh, Batman.

The Kanes are the second do-gooder family in Gotham. Bruce’s mother, Martha Wayne, was originally a Kane before she married Thomas Wayne. In the comics, their lineage also produced a Bat-themed hero in Gotham: “Batwoman”, Kate Kane.

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The Elliots are significant because Bruce’s friendship with young Tommy Elliot would give rise to one of the deadliest Batman villains: “Hush.” In the comics, Hush figures out Batman’s secret identity and wreaks havoc on his life. Can’t wait for that to happen in “Gotham.”

The Crowne family may be the most insidious of all, and we almost hate spoiling this for you. They have direct ties to the ‘Court of Owls’, a shadowy organisation that controls all the power in Gotham. Showrunner Bruno Heller has already confirmed to that the Court will be making an appearance in “Gotham”, we just don’t know when:

“The long arc of the show is Bruce Wayne’s journey of discovery down into the depths of the physical and meta-physical world of Gotham. The Court of Owls is a brilliant conceit that will absolutely be part of our storytelling. I just won’t tell you when.”

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And that, brings us to the Dumas, who are now going as the Galavans. As we learnt in the show, Dumas were exiled from Gotham because of the Waynes, who seized their properties and wealth. Caleb Dumas (Theo’s ancestor) joined a ‘religious sect’, The Order of St. Dumas.


If you’ve read any of the 90’s Batman issues, you know what’s coming.

The Order famously uses a technique of conditioning and brain-wash to create soldiers to fight their crusade. Armed with a mystical flaming sword and the ‘armor of sorrows’ these soldiers are given a special name: ‘Azrael’, the avenging angel.

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In the 90’s comics, one of them would fill in for Bruce Wayne as Batman for a while, and the task would drive him crazy.

John Stephens, executive producer of ‘Gotham’ has confirmed to that Azrael is coming to the show:

“We will be going deeper into the Order of St. Dumas over the next run of episodes, and it will continue to play an evolving role for the rest of the season… And yes, we wouldn’t be telling an Order of St. Dumas story without also intending to tell an Azrael story. Just keep watching.”

That we will, Mr. Stephens, that we will.

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