Gotham Reveals Abundance of Villains

By April Lara | 3 years ago

The Television Critics Association summer press tour 2014 in Beverly Hills has given us a lot of details about our favorite TV shows that are going to premiere this fall. One of the most anticipated shows is the premiere of “Gotham.” During the press tour, more information was revealed about the show. Read on for more details.

“Gotham” focuses on the story of Detective Jim Gordon before Batman comes to the city. In addition, the show has a lot to offer, especially villains such as Penguin, Catwoman, The Riddler and Fish Mooney.

“You have to front-load the pilot with the best that you’ve got. You have to open big. We’ll be far more careful with how we roll out the villains and in what way,” said executive producer Bruno Heller during the press tour.

We also learned that the first season of “Gotham” will be pretty much about the rise of Penguin and Fish Mooney. Furthermore, viewers should not expect a lot of iconic superheroes in the show, especially that during Gordon’s time in “Gotham,” Bruce Wayne is still a young child.

According to Heller, if there is going to be a superhero on the show, it is going to be the city itself, “Gotham.” Batman fans are going to find this interesting even without the iconic superhero on the show simply because the plot focuses on how these villains come to life, thus leading to who and what they are when Batman arrives.

With that being said, this made us even more excited to see the show. “Gotham” is going to premiere in just a few months.

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