Gotham Season 1 Recap: The Anvil and The Hammer

By April Lara | 3 years ago
Gotham Season 1 Recap: The Anvil and The Hammer
July 26, 2014. Wikimedia Commons/Ben McKenzie/Vogue on the How

In the latest episode of “Gotham” Season 1 Episode 21 “The Anvil and the Hammer” focused on one villain only, the Ogre yet there are plenty of interesting things that happened in this episode. Just the perfect episode leading up to the show’s season 1 finale. Read below for the full recap.

We start with Barbara who stayed the night at the Ogre’s. Before she could get out of there because for her it was just a one-night stand, the Ogre was quick to stop her and thinks that she’s the one for her.

Gordon has figured out that the Ogre is onto Barbara. He could hardly believe it, but he needs to save her. Leslie Thompkins even pointed out that he’s acting like a crazy person. He snapped back at her telling her that whatever happens to Barbara is because of him. Oohhh, that’s not something nice to say to someone you’re dating. Gordon’s romantic relationships are getting complicated again.

Right on cue, Gordon got a lead on the killer: an underground sex club but he couldn’t get in easily so he went to Cobblepot, threatened him to get an invitation to the club. Oh, and he made a promise to owe him a huge favor. The things you do for… love?

Gordon dropped his Mr. Nice Guy act because he’s really determined to get to Barbara really fast. And also because the two didn’t have closure. It was why Gordon is so distraught to find her and save her life. When he got to the club, one of the employees there she was a would-be victim of the Ogre. She managed to slip away and dropped a clue that led Gordon to the Royal Hotel where Barbara and the Ogre stayed the night. However, when he got there no one was there anymore but there was a silent alarm that triggered for the Ogre to call Gordon. As much as the Ogre wants to keep his location secret, Gordon was quick to pick up on things. It was due to the background noise on the other line that suggests that they’re heading out of Gotham. It was also the train horns that he heard meant that they’re heading to Barbara’s parents house.

Why are they heading there? Well, for the Ogre to kill Barbara’s parents, which is really twisted. The Ogre kept asking Barbara who he should kill and maybe she answered her parents? Well, this question wasn’t answered at all. Gordon got to Barbara’s place right on time and shot the Ogre on the head and that ends this villain’s life who managed to stay for three episodes.

In other “Gotham” news, Penguin has prepared a bar for it to be the killing field for Maroni and his men but his plan didn’t go the way he wanted it. It was because he wasn’t able to kill Maroni but instead hired killers to act as Falcone’s men. Maroni felt betrayed by Falcone so he attacked his businesses and this means a mob war is heading our way.

Then we had Edward Nygma who proved why he is one of the most feared villains Batman will ever face as The Riddler. He demonstrated his crazy side by leaving Ms. Kringle a note saying that his boyfriend (who he killed) has just left the city but buried in the note was a hidden message that spells out N-Y-G-M-A.

One more episode left before the season finale, catch it here!

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