Gotham Season 1 Recap: The Blind Fortune Teller

By April Lara | 3 years ago
Gotham Season 1 Recap: The Blind Fortune Teller
July 26, 2014. Wikimedia Commons/Ben McKenzie/Vogue on the How

One of the most talked about episodes of “Gotham” is Episode 16 “The Blind Fortune Teller” and no, it’s not really about a fortune teller but it’s about the origin of one of the most epic villains in “Batman” history. Read below for the full recap.

We met a couple of circus people in this week’s episode. The Flying Grasons made the difference though, namely John Grayson, his wife Mary and their son named Dick. Coming from parents who work in the circus, we already know what’s to become of Dick. There’s something to be considered as well. It was because the Grayson’s and Mary’s family, the Loyds are not exactly in good terms. This intensified when someone got murdered and a man from each family is the suspect for killing the snake dancer, Lila.

Gordon is on the case and he believes that none of each family has killed the snake dance. His new girlfriend, Dr. Thompkins helped him with the investigation. Thompkins has the knack to make Gordon incapable of logic and reason when they’re together. It was why she managed to force Gordon to take a moment and listen to what the blind fortune teller has to say.

The blind fortune teller said that he has a message from Lila and it led them to a Satanist group. Gordon doesn’t believe any of this man’s crap and but still pushed through with it for Thompkins. Gordon believes that it was Lila’s son Jerome who killed her and of course, our detective was right.

Jerome has always shown a good boy act to throw off the impression that he’s a nice boy and never would have made such bad actions. And it also turns out that the fortune teller is Jerome’s father who’s been protecting him.

Jerome was brought in for interrogation. He revealed that he was guilty of killing his own mother and flashed a very psychotic grin that is all very familiar to all of us, “Batman” fan or not. I think we’ve just seen Batman’s nemeses, The Joker.

In other news, Cobblepot was busy handling what used to be Fish Mooney’s club, but things weren’t going. Falcone sent Zsasz to liven things up together with Butch.

Meanwhile, we got a peek again of the young Master Wayne when he went to their office. He sat with the board to talk to them about why the company is getting mixed up with organized crime and why it is making chemical weapons. The board was taken aback by the boy’s confidence. Bruce assured them that he hasn’t even begun to join forces with them and change the game.

Fish has managed to get her way in prison and now had the privilege to meet the “Manager.” And as for Barbara, she was ready to take back Gordon and when she got to his place she found Ivy and Selina there and the three of them bonded together until she saw Thompkins and Gordon kissing ainthe locker room.

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Photo source: Wikimedia Commons/Ben McKenzie/Vogue on the How

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