Gotham Season 1 Recap: Everyone Has a Cobblepot

By April Lara | 3 years ago
Gotham Season 1 Recap: Everyone Has a Cobblepot
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Another day, another crime to solve in “Gotham.” And in this episode, Gordon tackled a crime happening in his office. Fish Mooney’s loyalty gets tested one more time, Bruce drums up a plan to get to Reggie and get information and Cobblepot extended a helping hand to Gordon. Oh and I think we finally caught a glimpse of The Riddler, too! Read below for Episode 18 “Everyone Has A Cobblepot.”

Alfred is doing fine even though he’s still in the hospital. Gordon heard about what happened. He went to the hospital to get to the bottom of what transpired at Wayne Manor. However, Bruce wouldn’t say a thing and lied to Gordon that he didn’t see what happened. The truth is, Bruce knows everything now because Alfred told him everything.

Back at the station, Gordon had other things in mind he wanted to resolve. First off, he wants to take Loeb out of the job especially that the Commissioner just cleared him of all charges. He went to the Commissioner’s office and demanded why he made such decision. The Commissioner only showed him the video of Bullock admitting that he provided false information against Flass.

Gordon quickly confronted Bullock about this and he said that “everyone had their own Cobblepot.” Unfortunately, Loeb knows about them all. Still, this didn’t scare Gordon because he really wants to take him down. He went to meet Harvey Dent at a Diner. He wanted to discuss what should be done to Loeb but he didn’t tell him everything he needs to know.

Their first plan was to talk to Griggs, ex-partner of Loeb but he didn’t want to rat out on his old partner. Luckily, Bullock helped them and they were able to extract information that Loeb actually works for Falcone. It was because Loeb is the only person who knows where Falcone hides his stash. Conveniently, Gordon knows someone who can help him – who else but Cobblepot?

Cobblepot agreed to help them. He took them to a house where there was an old couple who maintains Loeb’s stash. They looked to be harmless at first until they took their weapons out and started shooting at them. No worries because after a few gunshots, Gordon managed to get the keys. It wasn’t the stash that they found, though. It was Loeb’s daughter, Marian who knows a lot of stuff, which is why she remains hidden in the house. Aside from knowing a lot of stuff, being locked up can turn a person crazy. Marian has gone crazy because her hobby is making jewelry but out of bones. They asked for her mother but she wouldn’t answer them directly. When Marian explains how she kills, they now have an idea what happened to the mother.

Now that Gordon had that information, he returned to Loeb and threatened to expose him. At first it looks like Loeb doesn’t care at all but after a while, he filed his resignation. However, this doesn’t what Gordon wants, he wants to get Bullock’s file back. Flass gets an unbiased trial and nominate Gordon for President of the Policeman’s Union. He fulfilled all of these in the end.

When Gordon returned Bullock’s file to him, Bullock warned him that Cobblepot would want something from him one day, He couldn’t say no to him because of what Cobblepot did for him that day. Gordon knew this. He just shook it off because he has other things to worry about now.

In other news, Fish Mooney was recovering from his “organ donation” last episode. Sadly, the Dollmaker wasn’t still convinced so he asked Fish Mooney to go back to the basement and retrieve something for him. It was only then would he be able to prove that Fish is loyal to him. When Fish Mooney went to the basement, people there questioned her loyalties as well. But she went for the Dollmaker’s approval first and finally gained his trust and now has a place in hi group.

Bruce told Selina about everything and asked for help to get to the bottom of things. They need to get to know who’s after him from the board. Selina thinks it’s a crazy idea.

Oh and as for The Riddler, I think I saw it in Edward when he found out that Kristen has a boyfriend now. He was supposed to ask her out. We saw a glimpse of darkness in him when he crushed the flowers that he was about to give to Kristen.

The episode ended with Cobblepot at the bar with the elderly couple. He told them that only one of them could get a spot in Falcone’s circle. The wife decided to strangle her husband right then and there just to survive.

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