Gotham Season 1 Recap: Red Hood

By April Lara | 3 years ago
Gotham Season 1 Recap: Red Hood
July 26, 2014. Wikimedia Commons/Ben McKenzie/Vogue on the How

In this episode of “Gotham” Season 1, Episode 17 it involved the Robin Hood-esque like villain that Gordon and Bullock had to tackle. It is mandatory for every episode of the show that a new villain terrorized the city and a visitor came for Bruce and his ever faithful butler, Alfred, who didn’t have the best intentions. Oh, and Fish has just proven how far she could go to take down her enemies, even if that means losing one body part. Read below for the full recap.

The Red Hood Gang is the villain this episode, which is a group of bank robbers. They just rob until one gang member decided to play like Robin Hood with the hood and tossed the money to people on the street. Mr. Destro, a gang member seemed to be the only person who liked his idea. He liked it so much that he killed him and took the hood.

It wasn’t that long until another crew member took the hood and kill Mr. Destro. Before this member could commit another crime, Gordon and Bullock saved the day and once again, saved “Gotham” from these criminals.

Reggie, an old military friend of Alfred came by to the Wayne Manor. He fed Bruce’s imagination with the things he has done when he was still in the service. Alfred wasn’t comfortable about revealing such stuff to Bruce. Reggie didn’t listen and still talked to Bruce about the stuff that he’s been through. Alfred didn’t want to hear the end of it anymore that he sent Reggie away. Before Reggie could step out of the manor, he stole some stuff first and Alfred caught him and he stabbed him. Bruce got there on time and asked for an ambulance to save the life of Reggie. It turns out that Reggie wasn’t there to visit Alfred. He was hired by the Wayne Enterprises board to steal some intel on Bruce.

Meanwhile, Fish Mooney will go to any lengths just make an advantage over her enemies. When the “Dollmaker” cornered her into choosing death or giving up her eyes for one of the Dollmaker’s experiments, she chose the latter. She took off her eyeballs using a teaspoon and it was one of the most horrific scenes in “Gotham.”

Penguin is taking care of business until he ran out of booze. The only place that he could get booze is in Maroni’s but of course he couldn’t go directly to him. Then, he allowed Butch to help him out but he got caught.

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