Gotham Season 1 Recap: Spirit of the Goat

By April Lara | 3 years ago

In “Gotham” Season 1 Episode 6 "Spirit of the Goat," another villain was introduced and another revelations was uncovered. This time, it’s about Detective Harvey Bullock. Find out what happened in this episode in the recap below.

The episode kicked off with The Goat, a serial killer that Bullock has already taken down 10 years ago. This time around, it’s a different goat who’s out to get the first children of the rich people in Gotham. The killer seemed know a lot of valuable information that can help him accomplish his tasks. Gordon and Bullock asked Dix, another detective that worked with Bullock, to get the Goat. However, he only said that it’s a conspiracy, and Bullock was not convinced with that.

Bullock tried to extract more information, and soon, he and Gordon were able to track the killer just about when he’s going to murder one of the richest kids in Gotham in the same theater where Bullock killed the first goat. They found out that the new goat’s name is Raymond Earle. Something popped in Bullock’s mind when he found out the new goat's name, but he still can’t figure it out until he finds more information. He then realized that the old goat and the new goat have the same psychiatrist at a pro bono outpatient clinic. Now, there’s his lead!

Bullock ,determined to get to the bottom of this, visited the psychiatrist, Dr. Marx. She finally spilled the beans why she’s doing it. She said that it’s therapy for her patients to release the pent up rage inside of them. The goat represented the rage against the rich. Surprisingly, the father of the most recent goat victim was currently being treated by Dr. Marx. Right after explaining to Bullock, she commanded him to attack Bullock, but he was able to fight him off. Dr. Marx tried to flee, but Bullock shot her in the ankle.

Meanwhile, Montoya was determined to take down Gordon, and he did this by proving that he’s the one who killed Oswald. He found a witness. When he finally got Gordon and Gordon was at the brink of telling the truth about Oswald, Oswald came in and introduced himself. Just when Bullock was backing up his partner, Oswald showed up, and this changed his perspective on Gordon.

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