Gotham Season 1 Recap: What the Little Bird Told Him

By April Lara | 3 years ago
Gotham Season 1 Recap: What the Little Bird Told Him
July 26, 2014. Wikimedia Commons/Ben McKenzie/Vogue on the How

After a week of hiatus, “Gotham” is back.  In Episode 12 “What the Little Bird Told Him,” Gordon requested the Commissioner to be a detective for at least 24 hours so he could find Jack Gruber and his accomplice Aaron Helzinger. Meanwhile, Gruber and Helzinger found their way to Irwin’s Electronics to acquire some of their equipment. They didn’t have the authorization to just barge in and confiscate the equipment, so they had to electrocute the people there.

Edward Nygma found out that Gruber’s real name is Jack Bukinski, and he wanted to get into Arkham. With the arrival of Leslie Thompson, Gordon and Bullock had their lead. Bukinski has set up a few booby traps, which caught Penguin (we’ll get to that later). He even dropped a bomb that disrupted Maroni and his crew’s dinner at their favorite restaurant that time. Gordon showed up there. While Maroni was recovering, Gordon revealed that Bukinski once worked for him and now wants to hurt him. That being said, Maroni agreed to go in protective police custody so they could take down Bukinski.

Bukinski was out to get Maroni because he attacked him at the police station. He even electrocuted everyone except for Gordon, who remained standing. Gordon threw water on Bukinski’s suit to short him out. Now that Gordon was back in the good graces of the commissioner, his love life went along with it when he shared a kiss with Dr. Thompkins.

Meanwhile, Falcone had a flashback which showed his mom’s funeral and then him ordering the execution of one of his family. His companion who’s very dear to him, Liza, was offered a fresh start, but Liza turned it down. It was because she chose to stay by Falcone’s side until she got kidnapped by one of Fish Mooney’s people.

The first we saw of Penguin here was he was having dinner with Maroni. Since the restaurant was full of booby traps set up by the Electrocutioner, he gwas not an exception. It was when he was about to leave because he got a call from Falcone telling him about Liza. And the moment he woke up from the shock, he revealed that he’s working with Falcone. On the way to the police station with Maroni, Maroni asked him about his urgent business with Falcone. Penguin came up with an excuse and was able to get out of a tight spot with Maroni.

When Fish called Falcone about Liza, Falcone realized that it was her who’s behind the ransom. Fish admitted to it and reasoned that she wants him to leave Gotham for good, and he can take Liza with him. Zsasz showed up and Falcone told him that he wants to retire with Liza. He asked for his help to get them out of the city safely.

When Penguin got to Falcone, he revealed that Liza has been working for Fish all along. This came as a shocker to Falcone and didn’t want to believe it at first. It was until he met up with Fish and realized that it’s true, so he choked Liza to death while he locked up Fish and Bitch.

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Photo source: Wikimedia Commons/Ben McKenzie/Vogue on the How

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