Gotham Season 4 All Set To Introduce A New Villain

By Anshul Hardikar | 1 year ago
Gotham Season 4 All Set To Introduce A New Villain
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Gotham recently wrapped up its third season. All through the season, some classic DC villains were teased. Rumors hinted that Harley Quinn or Scarecrow might be the villains that might show up soon. However, a latest update has revealed that a different DC villain will be a part of the fourth season instead.

Gotham Season 4 villain reported that after teasing classic DC villains toward the end, a small scene revealed that Cyrus Gold aka Solomon Grundy would be the main villain in the next season.

The name Cyrus Gold might not ring a bell to many because he was living under the false name of Butch Gilzean before he was shot and hospitalized. It was Barbara Keene, Tabitha’s partner-in-crime who shot Gilzean.

Since he had feelings for Tabitha and bonded well with her, Keene thought the two might plan to get rid of her. After she shot him, she was killed by Tabitha.

While many thought this would be the end of Gilzean, when his actual name showed up in the hospital’s paperwork, it was confirmed that he would return in his true identity.

Origin of the character

He was introduced in All-American Comics #61. Gold was a wealthy merchant who was murdered and thrown in the slaughter swamp near Gotham City. Half a century later, he emerged from the swamp as a giant zombie.

Rising from the swamp, giving him abilities of his own. Taking the name Solomon Grundy, he had no memory of his past life and only remembered that he was born on a Monday.

As Grundy, Gold possesses superhuman strength, durability, and stamina. He is also immune to any kinds of attacks including magic.

Clash with DC heroes

Since his resurrection from the swamp, Gold has clashed with multiple heroes in the DC universe. In the beginning, he was introduced as a villain to Alan Scott’s Green Lantern but later on became a nemesis of Batman and Superman as well.

Over the years, he started collaborating with other supervillains and has been a part of many supervillain teams. He also appeared in the animated series Justice League where he fought different heroes in the League.

During one or two clashes, the heroes have been able to destroy him. But since he also has a healing factor, he can come back to life with different kind of powers.

Despite being a supervillain, it should also be noted that he has been associated with another DC hero called Swamp Thing.

How will he show up?

The real question now is how will the supervillain show up in Gotham season 4? There have been no reports about how the producers plan on bringing the supervillain back.

Dr. Hugo Strange could bring Butch back to life and he will roam the streets of Gotham as a zombie.

It would be interesting to see how does James Gordon deal with a supervillain so massive and powerful.


Gotham revolves around the story of a young Bruce Wayne before he came to be known as Batman. The lead hero of the show is Gordon but Wayne who is currently a kid has also started his journey of becoming DC’s most famous hero.

Premiere date

Gotham Season 4 does not have a confirmed premiere date yet.


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