Governor Brown to make cuts in California Budget

By admin | 6 years ago

On Saturday, Governor Jerry Brown of California announced in a video that the deficit for the state had increased to $16 billion. In January, the deficit was thought to be at $9.2 billion, but now has been determined to over $7 billion higher.

Brown said that on Monday he would announce plans to make additional cuts in the budget that he will present to the state’s lawmakers. He announced that spending would fall somewhere between $85 and $90 billion. That was down from the original spending figure of $92.6 billion he proposed in January.

Many feel that Brown will slash education even further and that has many college leaders worried. Officials from the University of California said they might have to increase tuition in all the universities in the system by 6% this fall if they do not get additional help in the state’s budget.

State lawmakers will use this next month to negotiate the final budget that is due on June 15. Brown said in his video that cuts will be greater than what he requested in the beginning of 2012 and he will announce his plan on Monday.

The financial condition of California has worsened since the start of the year when cuts of hundreds of millions of dollars in the healthcare programs were blocked and Democratic members of the legislature refused to the reductions Brown proposed in March. Taxes also fell well short of what was expected, particularly last month, the year’s most important months for tax collecting.

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