‘Grace Of Monaco’ Screenwriter Live-Tweets Troubled Film’s TV Debut

By Bindhu Mol. G | 3 years ago
‘Grace Of Monaco’ Screenwriter Live-Tweets Troubled Film’s TV Debut
Nicole Kidman

Nicole Kidman’s Grace Kelly biopic, “Grace of Monaco” received a critical drubbing at its Cannes premiere in 2014. The screenwriter Arash Amel live-tweeted the entire premiere in an attempt to shed light on the film’s behind-the-scenes turmoil.

According to the reports from Variety, Amel tweeted, “The purpose of this live tweet is to correct the record, an explanation, an apology, and most of all a bit of light hearted fun,” and “Also consider this to be the writer’s DVD commentary.”

“GUYS, THIS IS A NEW THIRD EDIT OF GRACE OF MONACO!” tweeted the screenwriter. He also expressed that the Lifetime version was an improvement on the cut that played at the Cannes film festival by tweeting, “This is actually better than the version that played Cannes. If you can believe that. It’s tighter, better edited.”

“The film received a critical drubbing at its Cannes premiere in 2014, with Variety’s Scott Foundas calling it a “cornball melodrama,”” reports SBS.

Amel explicitly tweeted, “TURN OFF THE MUSIC!” “Lesson for film grads: this is how you wash away what was actually a great performance in this scene with unnecessary music,” and “The music. Save me. Save me.”

Still, Amel also admired parts of the film, typically Kidman’s acting scenes. “Nicole was the best,” Amel tweeted. He also added, “Terrific to work with on every level.”

Amel discussed only the surface of the drama that went on behind the scenes of the film, tweeting, “Kept it tame tonight. I’ll keep people storming off set, 3-hour shooting days and missing sets for my memoirs”

Amel also added some visual humor by tweeting a picture of Kidman glaring into the distance with the caption, “When you write a movie, and someone makes it, and you’re like …”

Hope, the screenwriter’s attempt to illuminate the film’s behind-the-scenes turmoil, reaches the people.

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Photo Source: Facebook/Nicole Kidman

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