Graceland Recap: Echoes

By Kitin Miranda | 3 years ago
Graceland Recap: Echoes
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“Graceland” Season 2 Episode 12 “Echoes” aired on Wednesday, Sept. 3, 2014. In this episode, the team was only a few steps away from capturing the Solanos and the corrupt Los Angeles Police Department Gang Task Force, which is headed by Sid Markham (Carmine Giovinazzo). FBI Agent Johnny Tuturro (Manny Montana) and ICE Agent Dale Jakes (Brandon Jay MacLaren)  started their drug trafficking run with the chute drops, while FBI Agent Mike Warren (Aaron Tveit) and FBI Agent Charlie de Marco (Vanessa Ferlito) tried to track Amber down. Paul was finally brought into Sid’s fold, while DEA Agent Paige Arkin (Serinda Swan) dealt with a Russian girl who gave her the last piece of evidence to back up her convictions against Mike. Meanwhile, Charlie came to terms with her pregnancy and finally revealed the existence of the tape to Mike. Read on to learn more about this episode.

The episode picked up right from where we left off in the last episode, “Home” (air date: Aug. 27, 2014), when FBI Agent Charlie de Marco (Vanessa Ferlito) left FBI Agent Paul Briggs (Daniel Sunjata) in the middle of the road. She also revealed to him that she was the one who had the tape that recorded him killing FBI Agent Juan Badillo (Pedro Pascal). To her surprise, he returned home and admitted that in not telling her the truth, he was only protecting himself. However, all Charlie was interested in was putting some distance between the baby and herself with Paul, even if he played up the fact that he is the father of her baby.

That same evening, FBI Agents Mike Warren (Aaron Tveit), Johnny Tuturro (Manny Montana) and ICE Agent Dale Jakes (Brandon Jay MacLaren) sat around a fire on the beach, talking about the results of the bank heist. According to Mike, Sid Markham wasn’t the type of guy to go down without a fight — he wants to win. However, Jakes reminded him that sometimes, for some people, its survival that’s more important.

The next day, Jakes and Johnny were able to do the first run of drug trafficking via chute drops at the Mojave Desert. While there, they were given twenty million to deliver to Mr. Solano.

At the Los Angeles Police Department Gang Task Force Unit, Sid Markham informed the Solanos that he would be bringing in someone new. He then called Paul into his office and asked him what he would do if hypothetically, he was given protection money. Paul answered that since he currently has a child on the way, he would do anything and everything to ensure that his kid has a good life. Afterwards, Sid invited him to go with them to the border the next day to meet the Solanos.

Meanwhile, back at the Graceland house, Jakes and Johnny asked Paige (Serinda Swan) and Paul for some help, as they had to mark all the bills from the twenty million that was given to them earlier. The marked bills would be easily traced, so when Mr. Solano paid the Gang Task Force at the border the following day, Mike would be able to bust them and arrest the Solanos, Sid and his team.

Both Paul and Paige claimed that they were too busy. However, Jakes mentioned that without the marked bills, they wouldn’t be able to have a case. However, Paige still insisted that there were “other elements” still at play. Johnny then asked Paige what she think Mike had done. Paige replied that she believed that Lena was dead and that Mike burned her body so that Paige wouldn’t storm the compound and keep Sulla in play.

Meanwhile, both Mike and Charlie searched Amber’s hideout with an FBI team. They came up empty handed, but Charlie promised Mike that she would find Amber for him. As he left, Charlie noticed an empty can of carbon dioxide argon. Later on, she paid the supplier a visit, hoping to get a number or an address of Amber. After threatening him with her gun, she was able to get a hold of Amber’s new number. From then on, it was a waiting game. This lull allowed Charlie to have some time to visit her OBGYN for an ultrasound. She was told, however, that too much distress would be bad for the baby.

Back at Graceland, Paige confronted Mike and asked him how he felt when Sulla physically hit her. Mike replied metaphorically. He told Paige that when he was younger, he and his grandfather used to go hiking all the time, and they would always find empty fox traps, as the fox would gnaw its leg off in order to escape. Mike then got emotional, saying that he used to feel sorry for the fox but now realizes that that emotion only lasts for a while. One would then be faced with two choices — “to wait it out and die or to take that piece and mutilate and destroy it, and maybe survive.” Paige found it incredible that his answer was self-centered, as he was the fox in that metaphor and told him that she wanted him “back in the trap.”

Paige found a glimmer of hope when Immigration called, saying that a Russian girl named Lena was at the airport. However, her heart sank when she learned that the girl had flown in from Kiev, and the girl in the holding room did not look like Lena. After a while, she learned that the girl, Irina, was Lena’s younger sister, and she had flown in to America as they had received a letter from Lena. She was there under orders of their father to bring Lena home. However, after Paige examined the letter more, she realized that Mike had forged the letter in order to further cover his tracks. She then told the immigration officer to send the girl back home to Kiev.

Johnny and Jakes went to Mexico, where Johnny rented a very cheap motel for them to stay. He also begged Jakes not to be around the next day as he was planning on bringing Lucia Solano (Jamie Gray Hyder) with them, as he did not want her anywhere near the compound when Mike and his team would strike.

At the Solano compound, they gave Mr. Solano his twenty million and were told that their share was in one out of two black briefcases at the side. The other briefcase was for Mr. Solano’s partners. In order to buy Jakes more time to transfer the marked bills into the second briefcase, he asked Mr. Solano if he could ride that horse which he had ridden the last time he was there. Johnny used this as a pretext to meet Lucia and to tell her to meet him at the motel the next day. While Jakes finished up transferring the money, Carlito Solano (Erik Valdez) popped up, saying that Jakes and he should be friends, but Jakes rebuffed him.

At the FBI office, Mike got the surprise of his life, as Sid was in his handler’s office. He was then told that Sid was pressing charges for “illegal search and seize” of his property — his dirty money at the bank. However, Mike lied openly to his handler, saying the entire purpose of the bank heist was to get Amber, who was on many major crimes wishlists. He was then reminded by his handler that the FBI’s legal team is already trying to put some distance between themselves and him, with all the crazy stunts he has been pulling. In order to get the Bureau to back him up again and put their faith in him once more, he has to catch Sid as soon as he can.

Outside the offices, Sid taunted and provoked Mike, who lost his temper and punched him several times. Sid called him “stupid and sloppy,” while Mike replied that he would still catch him someday. As they grappled on the floor, Sid managed to punch Mike in the eye and rip off his suit sleeve. However, Mike’s handler saw everything happen, and as a result, his handler would be “babysitting” his operation. He confided this to Paul, who sympathized with him as he too had the government (the FBI) doubt and betrayed him. He also confided his life philosophy to Mike — that if what they do outweighs the bad things the criminals they are after, then whatever they do would be okay.

Later that night, Charlie confronted Mike about his black eye and knuckle scars. He put a brave face on, saying that his black eye is just an “echo” or a “reminder of things past.” Charlie then gave Mike the tape.

After listening to it, Mike said that it seemed like what had happened was an accident. Charlie then realized that Badillo would not have gone after Paul if he wasn’t Odin Rossi, which both Charlie and Mike had suspected in the first season. Charlie then revealed that she was pregnant with Paul’s child and did not have the heart to turn him in. Mike then came up with a plan — as he would have to arrest Paul the next day when they bust Sid Markham and his ring of dirty cops — he could just simply hold him.

As Mike was leaving to head to the border, Amber called Charlie on her cell phone, as she wanted to make amends. However, as she neared the meeting place, she was ambushed by Amber and several hired men, who crashed her car and abducted Charlie.

Lucia managed to sneak out of the Solano compound to meet Johnny so that they could start a new life together. She then went on to tell him that he should not be worried about money, as she had managed to steal some cash from her father. Happily, she handed Johnny a black briefcase containing the marked bills that they had transferred into the briefcase earlier, as that briefcase was supposed to be the payment to Mr. Solano’s partner. All Johnny could do was stare at the briefcase as without those marked bills, the the entire mission would go up in smoke, and Mike would have to pay the price for an unsuccessful bust.

Before Sid joined Paul and his other Gang Task Force cops, he slipped off in order to follow the tracker which he had placed into Mike’s suit pocket when they fought the previous day. He followed the tracker to the Graceland house and broke in. While there, he saw a picture of the entire Graceland team together, which made him realize that Paul was working with Mike.  Before he left the house, he managed to grab a gun from one of Mike’s drawers. Sid rejoined the group, and as Paul and he entered the car, Sid smiled rather ominously.

How is the team going to salvage everything and catch Carlito, Mr. Solano and Sid Markham? What will happen to Charlie and her baby? What will happen now that Sid has seen the Graceland house? Will it still be able to operate in the future? Let us know by posting your comments below!

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