Graceland Recap: Gratis

By Kitin Miranda | 3 years ago
Graceland Recap: Gratis
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“Graceland” Season 2 Episode 9 “Gratis” aired on Wednesday, Aug. 13, 2014, at 10:00 p.m. on USA Network. The season is more than halfway done, and viewers are on the edge of their seats, wondering what will happen next to the Graceland team. In this episode, FBI Agents Johnny Tuturro (Manny Montana), Mike Warren (Aaron Tveit) and Charlie de Marco (Vanessa Ferlito) took the spotlight as they focused on their specific missions. Johnny went to Mexico with Lucia Solano (Jamie Gray Hyder) in order to reunite her with her father and so that he could sell the Graceland team’s idea to Mr. Solano and start smuggling again. Read on to learn more about this episode.

Charlie got busy preparing for the bank heist on The Getty National Bank, where corrupt cop Sid Markham (Carmine Giovinazzo) kept his money in safety deposit boxes. Along the way, there was a close call, as there was a possibility that she could be recognized by another criminal she had crossed paths with before on an undercover operation, and she was thrown an unexpected curve ball in her personal life.

Meanwhile, Mike, tried his best in order to keep the Eastern European girls safe and alive in the compound of the sex trafficking ring run by Sulla, who is under the Solanos. However, things go out of hand as Mike and Sulla struggle for power in the house. Mike tried to keep the girls out of harm’s way.

Johnny and Lucia arrived at her father’s house safely and successfully, where they were greeted by Carlito Solano (Erik Valdez). Happy that Johnny was near him once again, Carlito tried to make a move on Johnny. Much to Johnny’s relief, Carlito was stopped by Lucia who had passed by Johnny’s room to check on him.

At breakfast the next day, Carlito and Lucia introduced Johnny to their father, Carlos Solano Sr. Just right before he came down for breakfast, Paige alerted him that the Solanos were planning on using cruise ships in order to smuggle contraband into the United States. This information came from Mike after he had learned from Sulla had told him that a new batch of girls were coming in via cruise ships. This would put the Graceland team’s plan out of play, as they had planned to get Johnny to convince Mr. Solano to use their idea —  to use planes to smuggle in contraband.

Johnny then mentioned that he and his family used to go on cruises. He informed them, after being questioned by Mr. Solano,  that customs’ security was pretty tight on cruise ships. This infuriated Carlito, who was starting to lose patience with Johnny, as he would not respond to his advances and because using cruise ships to smuggle in contraband was his idea.

Meanwhile, Lucia, unnerved by the conversations that she was overhearing wanted reassurance from Johnny that he wasn’t using her just to get in her father’s good graces. He reassured her that he was there only for her.

Later, Mr. Solano and Johnny talked about Carlito, specifically about his homosexuality, which Mr. Solano says came about as he wasn’t around much when Carlito was growing up. Johnny told him that he was there because he was interested in doing business with Mr. Solano himself and mentioned that they could use International Aid planes to smuggle in contraband into the United States. Johnny got off clean, with a warning to stay away from Carlito.

That night, Carlito took Johnny to see his father. Mr. Solano thought that Johnny’s idea could fly. However, Carlito refused to work with him. Outside, Lucia, who had followed Carlito and Johnny to her father’s study, saw Johnny doing business with her father. The two exchanged a look, and Lucia finally realized that Johnny was there to conduct business and not for her. Johnny then told Mr. Solano that he could take the lead on the entire operation, thus alienating Carlito away from himself and from his father.

Charlie, on the other hand, started preparing for the bank heist with Amber, the genius logistics planner who will help them rob the Getty National Bank to get to Sid Markham’s dirty money. However, a wrench was thrown into Charlie’s plans, as Amber’s wheel man, Greg Dyson, knew Charlie from another undercover mission from before. One look at her, and her cover would be blown. She informed FBI Agent Paul Briggs (Daniel Sunjata), who managed to arrest Dyson in the nick of time. Then ICE Officer Dale Jakes (Brandon McLaren) came aboard their team, as their new wheel man.

The next morning, right before she brushed her teeth, Charlie unexpectedly threw up in the toilet. Fearing the worst, she avoided Paul, her current boyfriend, and decided to stay overnight at Amber’s place, looking tired and upset.

Meanwhile, Mike was embedded within the walls of the compound of the sex trafficking ring, as he went undercover as the middle man for a client who wanted to buy the girls who were there. As Sulla had refused to give them up until the Solanos opened up the pipe line, Mike paid a down payment for the girls, and decided to stay to make sure that they would not be harmed.

There, every night, little by little, he wired the walls of the compound, so that DEA Agent Paige Arkin (Serinda Swan), who has a vested interest in releasing the girls and the FBI would have ears within the compound.

However, things come to a head when Sulla tried to make a move on Lena, who ended up biting him in self defense. Mike tried to tell Sulla once again that his clients did not want the girls to be damaged. Upset at Mike’s growing authority over him, Sulla punched him in the eye.

Later on, Mike decided to pull Lena out of the place. He told Sulla that Lena would be no good to his clients if she got used up and was damaged, and if that did happen, their contract would be void. Sulla was angered at the disrespect Mike was showing him, yet Mike persisted and walked towards the door with Lena on his arm. Enraged, Sulla grabbed a nearby knife and stabbed Lena to death. Furious, Mike started to choke Sulla, only to be struck down by a guard. However, he escaped death, as he told Sulla that he needed Mike, and his one million dollars to fix the mess. Sulla then told Mike to clean everything up, as he claimed it was Mike’s fault.

Mike, who was unable to tell Paige what had happened, told her to meet him at an industrial parking lot, telling her that he had Lena. Once there, he hit himself with a pipe, and told Paige that Lena had hit him and had run off. This prompted Paige to call a search for the missing girl.

Earlier on, the tape that had recorded the entire incident of Paul killing FBI Agent Juan Badillo (Pedro Pascal) resurfaced, as a father whose daughter had found the tape in their car gave it to a detective in the Los Angeles Police Department. As the detective listened to it, Mike burned the body of Lena in an incinerator he had found on the compound, making Mike and Paul’s actions almost parallel to each other.

What do you think about this episode? What do you think will happen to Mike? Will he be able to get the girls out? What will happen if Paige find out what really happened to Lena? Now that the tape is back in play, what do you think will happen to Paul, and how will it affect the rest of the Graceland team? Let us know by posting your comments below!

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