Graceland Recap: Head of the Pig

By Kitin Miranda | 3 years ago
Graceland Recap: Head of the Pig
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“Graceland”  Season 2 Episode 10 “Head of the Pig” aired on Wednesday, Aug. 20, 2014, at 10:00 p.m. on USA Network. In this episode, the pieces fell into place as FBI Agent Paul Briggs (Daniel Sunjata) and DEA Agent Paige Arkin (Serinda Swan) took matters in their own hands behind FBI Agent Mike Warren’s (Aaron Tveit) back. Meanwhile, in Mexico, FBI Agent Johnny Tuturro (Manny Montana) found himself in one precarious situation to another from all three of the Solano family members. Read on to learn more about this episode. In Mexico, FBI Agent Johnny Tuturro and ICE Agent Dale Jakes (Brandon Jay McLaren) set up the test run to show Mr. Solano that their plan to use planes to drop their drugs would work. Despite the misgivings of Carlito Solano (Erik Valdez), Mr. Solano allowed them to continue the test run, as Jakes told them that their planes would not be on the radar of Border Patrol and the Federal Aviation Administration. However, things turned south when all the cargo landed and scattered everywhere. Carlito took the opportunity to get back into his old man’s graces as he told his father that he could get the cruise ships ready in ten days. In Sylmar, Paige Arkin met up with Mike Warren during his lunch run. It had been two weeks since she started hunting for Lena, the Eastern European girl whom she had befriended when she went undercover in the sex trafficking ring compound. Little did she know that Lena was already dead, as she was killed by an enraged Sulla. However, she does not know anything about this as Mike had told her that Lena had run off. Paige told Mike that the test run Johnny and Jakes made didn’t work. She reminded him that all he needed to do was to say the word, and they could raid the compound. However, he stubbornly refused, reasoning that his only connection left to Carlito Solano was Sulla. At the Los Angeles Police Department, Paul Briggs, who is undercover as a cop in the Gang Task Force headed by Sid Markham, a dirty cop who is on Solano’s payroll, was unsuccessful, as he hasn’t been brought into the fold yet. Back at the Graceland house, both Paige and Paul expressed their impatience as they have been unsuccessful so far. Paige also told him that she was suspicious of what Mike had told her the night that Lena had disappeared, as she hasn’t had any luck in finding her. She found it suspicious that one swing of a tire arm would produce three cuts on Mike’s body. Paul reassured her that Mike would not go as far as murder in order to achieve his goals, but Paige countered by suggesting that Mike covered up something in order to keep Sulla up and running. Together, the two of them come up with a foolproof plan that would allow Paul to get into Sid’s favor and for Paige to get the girls out. In Mexico, Lucia Solano (Jamie Gray Hyder), worried that Johnny might be killed by her father as she had lost his favor, begged him to leave Mexico. Instead, he told her that he just needed to fix this problem, and then he would be out. He went to visit Jakes, who was busy trying to solve the problem with the cargo drop and revealed that he does care for her. Back at the precinct, Paul and Paige’s plan was set into motion. Paige showed up as an FBI agent, who wanted to borrow some radios. Paul then told Sid that she was working on a case that had cartel ties to it. As it seemed like they had some chemistry with each other, Sid instructed him to find out what exactly she was working on. Meanwhile, FBI Agent Charlie de Marco (Vanessa Ferlito) tested some explosives that were supposed to cleanly and silently open the safe deposit boxes in order to get to the dirty money of Sid. Amber, her accomplice, scolded her that the explosives were too loud. Charlie, frustrated, promised that she would get it right within the week. In Mexico, Mr. Solano called for Johnny and told him that Carlito wanted them to have a meal together to bury the hatchet, but after that, Johnny would have to leave. Paul called him up out of the blue to check up on him and learned that Johnny and Jakes were in a fix, which would only be saved if Jakes figures things out. Paul then noticed that Charlie, his girlfriend, was in the shower. However, he noticed a pregnancy test by the sink, which indicates that Charlie is pregnant. Later that night, Paul and Paige discussed the next steps in their plan. Paul told her that they needed to get Mike out of the compound, as Paul believes that Sid might take a shot at him. Paige agreed to do so after Paul reassured her that he would be able to get the girls out. The next day, Paul informed Sid that the case that Paige was working on had to do with a sex trafficking ring that Carlito had set up behind his father’s back. He also mentioned that the FBI thought that there is a cop helping the Solanos. Fazed by this information, Sid instructed Paul to obtain the address of where the sex trafficking ring is. He then called Mr. Solano while they were having a meal with Johnny. Sid informed Solano that Carlito had gone behind his back and was running a sex trafficking operation. Enraged, Mr. Solano beat Carlito up in front of everyone and told Johnny to fix the plane idea, as he did not want to deal with anyone who betrayed him. That afternoon, Paige was able to convince Mike that he needed a good night’s sleep back at Graceland. She also told him that she has forgiven him for everything that had gone between them. Mike then decided to go back to Graceland for a while to get some much-needed rest. Right after that, Paul gave Sid the address of the sex trafficking compound and was allowed to come along in the operation. Prior to that, he had called Jakes up to ask for advice on Charlie’s unplanned pregnancy. All Jakes told him was that despite all the difficulties, he never regretted having his son. In Mexico, Johnny went to talk to Carlito, who was being punished by kneeling on raw corn. Johnny then learned that Mr. Solano was upset at Carlito as he had learned about the sex trafficking operation. Mike was then called by Johnny, who informed him about the entire situation. Desperate not to lose Sulla, his only strong connection to Carlito and despite Paige’s warnings, Mike ran into the compound in order to get Sulla out. Both the FBI and the LAPD raid the compound and were successful in retrieving the remaining girls. Mike and Sulla, however, were caught in their tracks as they tried to escape out a window. Sulla was shot down by Sid, but he held back his fire as he recognized that Mike is an FBI agent. Afterwards, when they gave their statements, nobody seemed to believe when Mike told the detectives in charge that what Sid had done was merely an act of self-preservation and that Sid was a dirty cop. Paige, in the meantime, went around the compound and discovered the incinerator where Mike burned Lena’s body. Later that night, Paige confronted Mike about Lena, saying that none of the girls she had talked to knew about Lena’s escape. However, Mike did not say anything. Instead, he was upset that Paul did not find any time to warn him at all. Paul reassured him, saying that since that day was a success, he was finally in Sid’s inner circle and that things would get better once Charlie and her accomplice, Amber, rob the bank and get Sid’s money. In Mexico, Jakes was able to come up with a solution. He added a lifeboat with a ripcord so that it would inflate once the parachute opens, thus ensuring that the products of the Solanos would not be damaged. However, Mr. Solano told Johnny to go up North and handle the operations from there. Despite the warnings of Mr. Solano and Jakes, Johnny decided to go back first to Lucia. Back at Graceland, Paul decided to lend a helping hand to Charlie, who was cooking her famous spaghetti sauce, as everyone would be home that night. He then told Charlie that he knows that she is pregnant and that he wants to keep the baby. Right after that, Paul got an anonymous call, and the content of the tape that recorded him killing FBI Agent Juan Badillo (Pedro Pascal) was played. What do you think of this episode? Who do you think called Paul? What will happen to Mike now, and how will the previous events affect his relationship with Paige? And that’s a wrap for the recap of “Graceland” Season 2 Episode 10 “Head of the Pig.” For more news and updates, including spoilers and recaps, on “Graceland” and other television shows, keep following Movie News Guide (MNG). 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