Graceland Recap: Home

By Kitin Miranda | 3 years ago
Graceland Recap: Home
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“Graceland” Season 2 Episode 11 “Home” aired on Wednesday, Aug. 27, 2010, at 10:00 p.m. on USA Network. Instead of a peaceful homecoming, and Charlie’s famous ragu, the Graceland housemates were at each other’s throats. However, a change of plans allowed them to temporarily unite, as they become the new crew that will help FBI Agent Charlie de Marco (Vanessa Ferlito) and Amber rob the Getty National Bank to get Sid’s (Carmine Giovinazzo) money. Read on to learn more about this episode.

At the Graceland house, it seemed like there was some temporary peace between Paul (Daniel Sunjata) and  Charlie. Charlie was making her famous ragu sauce as Dale (Brandon Jay McLaren) and Johnny (Manny Montana) were coming home from Mexico, and Mike (Aaron Tveit) and Paige (Serinda Swan) were coming home from Sylmar. While Charlie was cooking, Paul told her that he wanted to keep the baby that she was having. After she asked him for help to slice up some peppers, Paul was shaken from an anonymous phone call on his cover phone, whose caller played the tape that had recorded him killing FBI Agent Juan Badillo (Pedro Pascal), whom he mistakenly thought was his nemesis, Jangles. Right after that, he started receiving phone calls from Sid, with whom he was working undercover, leading him to think that Sid was the one who had played the tape for him.

Upstairs, he ran into Mike, who told Paul that they have to act fast on Sid, catch him and squeeze. The next morning, Paul brought Jakes out to Hector’s Tacos and confided in him that he believes that Sid played the tape for him the previous night. Jakes, who doesn’t want to have anything to do with it anymore but knows that he would also go down if Paul is discovered, agreed to give Paul an alibi. He was instructed to go and have breakfast for two at a diner nearby, while Paul went over to Sid’s house. However, Paul realized that Sid didn’t have the tape as he was smiling and told Paul all about how he started getting involved with the Solanos.

On the way back to Jakes, he realized that the one who has the tape might be Mike and told Jakes that he thinks that Mike wanted him to kill Sid. However, if he does that, then Mike would be able to arrest him for two counts of murder, which he cannot face since he has a baby on the way. Jakes realized then that Paul wanted to kill Mike. At that point, he drew the line and told his friend that he was not going to get involved anymore and covered up for him. Paul also managed to transfer a film crew for a slasher movie to in front of the Getty National Bank. This was a problem as both the bank heist, and the filming would start on the same day.

During dinner, the Graceland team, despite the fact that Charlie did not want them to talk about work, Mike started talking about work to Johnny, asking about the Solanos. An attempt to talk about ordinary things proved fruitless, so they decided to talk about work again. The entire table exploded after Paul started to confront Charlie about Kelly Badillo. Everyone was at each other’s throats, as they shouted and accused each other of something — Mike and Paige, Johnny and Jakes and Charlie and Paul. Paul then confronted Mike, asking him how far he would go to catch Sid, to which Mike replied that he would do anything. Thankfully, Charlie broke the impending fight by dumping the ragu sauce all over the table. Johnny broke the silence and told them team that he was in love with Lucia and had been sleeping with her the entire time. Charlie then received a phone call from Amber, who told her that the job was off because it would be too risky to do the heist as a slasher movie was going to start filming right in front of the Getty National Bank. Charlie convinced her that they could do the operation with the entire Graceland crew going undercover. However, both Mike and Charlie did not exactly want Paul to come along. However, since they would be needing him as an extra gunman, he had to.

At Amber’s she explained what they were going to do and designated them with animal face masks. She (the goat) and Charlie (the monkey) would blow up the safety deposit boxes and get the money, which would be transported to the getaway van by Paige (the sheep). However, before she gave Paige the role of the sheep, both Paul and Mike were eager to be the movers of the money. The van would be driven by Jakes (the sly fox), and Johnny (the pig) would herd everyone to the back office. Jakes and Johnny had a little fight about the masks, resulting in Johnny getting the fox mask. Mike (the rabbit) would watch the door, while Paul (the tiger) would be the one to cut the security feeds. Later on, Paul told Amber that Mike should not be trusted, and Amber reassured him that no one would be able to pull any funny tricks under her watch.

That night, Paul sleepwalked, in which he dreamed that he heard the tape being played from the electronics room on Mike’s laptop. They fought, and Paul had drowned him in the pond and buried him under the floorboards. Then he saw Charlie carrying a baby, asking how he could do that to them. When he finally came to his senses, Charlie was there to comfort him. Charlie asked him how they could be good parents together if they never talk anymore, but Paul reassured her that they would talk after the bank heist.

The next day, everything was going according to plan. Unbeknownst to Amber, as soon as Paige, Paul and Johnny had herded the rest of the bank staff and clients to the back room, they told them that they were federal agents. Paige then tried to head out to get the money as planned, but Paul told her to stay put, as the plans had changed. He then got Mike to get the money, causing Amber to believe that they had all double crossed them. She locked Charlie inside the vault.  Paul sat there, watching as Amber pulled out her gun to shoot Mike in the back. While this was happening, he received another anonymous phone call, and the tape was replayed again, making him realize that Mike was not the one who had the tape.

However, despite the entire bust going into smoke, they were able to get some of Sid’s money. Mike then confronted him, warning him that he would get him someday despite getting yelled at by his superiors at the FBI. The Los Angeles Police Department arrived, and as Sid would have seen him and blown his cover, Paul and Charlie drove off.

Paul decided to take Charlie to the desert to show her the truth — to finally reveal the secret he had been hiding. Charlie was having none of it and asked to be brought home. However, he accidentally hit a deer which he tried to help save. However, Charlie shoots it dead, telling him, “You lit the match, Paul.” Revealing that she was the one who had the tape and was anonymously calling him. She told him that she had received the recording from a friend in the police department — the same night that she learned she was pregnant. However, she had left the house because of the pregnancy. She then told him that she had given him every chance to be honest with her, but instead, he didn’t. Even worse, he tried to kill Mike because he thought that Mike had the tape. She then drove back home, leaving behind and telling him that she would tell their baby that his or her father was a coward.

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