Graceland Season Finale Recap: Faith

By Kitin Miranda | 3 years ago
Graceland Season Finale Recap: Faith
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“Graceland” Season 2 Episode 13 “Faith” aired on Wednesday, Sept. 10, 2014, at 10:00 p.m. on USA Network. All the pieces were in place to finally take down the Solano cartel and Sid Markham (Carmine Giovinazzo). However, just as FBI Agent Mike Warren’s (Aaron Tveit) battle was almost over, fate brought him and his team several unwanted surprises. Read on to learn more about this episode.

FBI Agent Johnny Tuturro (Manny Montana) was surprised when Lucia Solano (Jamie Gray Hyder), his girlfriend, had sneaked out of the Solano house with a briefcase full of FBI-marked dollar bills. This briefcase was vital in the planned and ongoing bust that Mike and his team were about to make, as they had planned to arrest Sid and the Solanos.

Because of this, Lucia learned that Johnny was an FBI agent and that he was working to arrest  Carlito (Erik Valdez) and their father. They returned to the Solano house so Lucia could return the briefcase. As Johnny waited, Carlito showed up, asking if Johnny could drive him into town.

On the way there, Carlito revealed that he knew Johnny worked for the FBI and held him at gunpoint. Carlito informed Johnny that he had realized it the other day, when he saw ICE Agent Dale Jakes (Brandon Jay McLaren) placing the marked bills into one of the briefcases.

Another car came in, and several of Carlitos’ men forced Lucia out. Carlito then told Lucia that he was currently in charge of the cartel and the family as his father won’t be the head  for much longer. He then told Johnny to convince the FBI that their particular operation is ongoing and that if the “planes stop, Lucia stops”.

Meanwhile, Sid and FBI Agent Paul Briggs (Daniel Sunjata), who was working undercover in Sid’s unit,  were on their way to the Solano house. Mike, his superior, and their FBI team were waiting near the border to finally arrest Sid and the Solanos. However, his superior received a phone call that reported that a possible bomb was sent to him in a package. Because of that, they were going to postpone the mission for the next day. As they were packing up, Mike got a phone call from the FBI team that he had sent as back up for FBI Agent Charlie De Marco (Vanessa Ferlito), who was going to bring Amber, the one who helped out in the robbery of Getty National Bank. He was informed that she and Amber had not yet appeared at the designated meeting place. Mike asked Paul if he had heard from Charlie and told him that he thinks that Sid was behind the bomb scare. He told Paul to “stay on task” and that he, Mike, would stay to complete the raid.

However, Paul aborted his mission and went off to save Charlie, forcing Mike to raid the Solano house by himself.

When he got there, he found Mr. Solano and Sid’s team dead. Mike himself was shot in the side by a gunman. He discovered Sid was lying on the floor, with his gun near him. Mike picked up his own gun before realizing that Sid had set him up to take the fall for him. Sid was the one who orchestrated the bomb scare and killed Mr. Solano, his own men, and shot himself in order to frame Mike for their murders.

Charlie was placed in front of Amber and her British money launderer, Germaine. Amber had Charlie abducted as there was something amiss with the entire robbery and because Paul had shot Amber in a bid to save Mike. Originally, Paul wanted Amber to kill Mike, thinking that Mike have the incriminating tape that had recorded him mistakenly killing Mike’s former handler, FBI Agent Juan Badillo (Pedro Pascal). However, as Paul realized that Mike did not have the tape, he saved him by shooting Amber.

Germaine showed no qualms in using any method to get Charlie to talk. In a bid to save herself and her unborn child, Charlie told Amber that she was pregnant. Amber, on her part, told Germaine not to hurt Charlie anywhere near the stomach.

Charlie held up well on her own, telling them that she was not a police officer. Impatient with the slow results, Germaine threatened to push Charlie off the floor that they were on. Amber would not have that and forced Germaine at gunpoint to put Charlie safely down. He let go of her, but as gunshots were heard outside, Amber knocked Charlie out.

Paul came bursting in, guns blazing, and was successful in taking down Amber. He was able to get the location of Amber’s whereabouts as he had forced Billy, Amber’s former partner, to tell where she was.

However, Germaine was able to escape, limping away. Later, back at the Graceland house, Paul apologized to Charlie for not being there fast enough, and the two reconciled their differences with each other.

Meanwhile, DEA Agent Paige Arkin (Serinda Swan) asked ICE Agent Dale Jakes’ (Brandon Jay McLaren) help to use ICE to run some prints on the letter that Lena supposedly wrote to her family. She reasoned to Jakes that Mike did have enough time and patience to properly forge Lena’s handwriting and that Mike gave himself away by copying the way that Paige folded Lena’s original letter to her family — the one that Paige was supposed to have sent. However, after Jakes ran the prints, and the result came out that the prints found on the letter’s postage stamp was Lena’s.

Johnny finally returned to the Graceland house and was confronted by an irate Jakes who hadn’t heard from him the entire day. After asking where Lucia was, Johnny only answered that she was with Carlito and had “wanted to leave with him.” He also confronted Jakes that he wasn’t able to do his job properly, switching the marked bills into the briefcase, as he was seen by Carlito, which had effectively blown their cover.

Mike went into hiding and called Paul, who was preoccupied with nursing Charlie and the baby back to health. However, as Charlie woke up, Paul decided to let Paige be the one to give Mike the fake ID he needed in order for him to be able to check in to the hospital and get the necessary treatment he needed. While there, Paige apologized to Mike for not believing in him that Lena was still alive. However, in his delirium, Mike let it slip that it was better for Lena’s family to believe that she was fine, in a better place.

Feeling betrayed, Paige walked into Sid’s office to tell him Mike’s fake name and encourages him to finish the job that she meant to do — to clean out the trash. Sid, who initially was hesitant, decided to act on this information.

Back at the house, Paul confronted the team, telling them that Mike needs their help. He went on to tell them that the reason why they live together is because there are some missions that can’t be done alone. Because if they go alone, they lose control and become untethered. He went to say that they had lost sight of their goal and that the house doesn’t protect them — it’s each and every house mate that protects each other.

Paige, who couldn’t handle it anymore, stormed out of the living room, only to be confronted by Paul who asked her what she did. She admitted that she had given Sid Mike’s fake name. Paul then ran out and rushed to Mike’s hospital.

At the hospital, Sid paid a bedridden Mike a visit. It turned out that he was hooked up to a machine that pumps air into him, as he had a collapsed lung and needed surgery. Mike tried to hit the buzzer, but Sid stopped him. He then informed Mike that he was surprised that Paige had given Mike up to him and that he had suspected a trap. He then replaced Mike’s finger heart rate monitor onto his own finger and started squeezing the tube that filtered air into Mike’s lungs. As Mike struggled for breath, Sid vowed revenge, telling him that he would burn each and every one in the Graceland house.

As Paul rushed into the hospital room, Sid was nowhere to be seen, and Mike was flatlining, prompting the doctors to tell Paul to step outside as they tried to revive Mike.

As of the moment, there has been no news of whether “Graceland” will be renewed for a third season or not.

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