Graceland Recap: The Unlucky Ones

By Kitin Miranda | 3 years ago
Graceland Recap: The Unlucky Ones
Serinda Swan, Hollywood, CA, August 14, 2012 . Wikimedia Commons/Glenn Francis

“Graceland” Season 2 Episode 6 “The Unlucky Ones” aired on Wednesday,  July 23, 2014, at 10:00 p.m. on USA Network. Coming immediately after the events that unfolded in the last half of Episode 5 “H-A-Double-P-Y,” viewers and fans alike no doubt guessed that this episode would be an intense one, and it lived up to that promise. Read on for the full recap of “The Unlucky Ones.”

Previously on “The Unlucky Ones,” the entire house geared up for action as they pulled all the stops in order to rescue DEA Agent Paige Arkin (Serinda Swan), who had gone undercover to infiltrate a human trafficking ring-selling Eastern European girls. The team also reeled from the bus gone south, especially with the possibility that there might be a mole within the law enforcement agency.

Mike kidnapped Lawrence, the manager of the buses in order to interrogate him about how the buses operate and to discover who the mole is. According to Lawrence, there were two buses — the real Bus 118 and a replica. The replica bus was the one filled with contraband that was unloaded in Mexico. However, he did not say much when Mike mentioned the Eastern European girls in passing and did not know who Carlito Solano’s (Eirk Valdez) inside man could be.

Paige arrived at the base of the human traffickers and got into trouble right away, as only nine out of the ten balloons of heroin had been taken out of her. However, the ringleader, Sulla, could not seem to contact Carlito, who had gone missing. Paige was forced to undress and had her picture taken by Sulla who threatened her with the citizenship that all the girls were seeking. She was then brought into a den full of other girls, where she recognized Lina, the first girl that she had approached and the first one she had promised to help.

Lina narrowly managed to escape being bought by a customer as she followed Paige’s advice to make it seem that she was sick. Furious, Sulla abused her, and only stopped to take an urgent phone call. Paige, taking matters into her own hands once again as the team hadn’t found her yet, decided to escape that very night. Paige and Lina only made it up to the high metal fence when they were caught.

Meanwhile, back at Graceland, FBI Agent Jessica Foster (Emily Rose) congratulated Mike on the big win and argued that they could use the photos of flaming drums of contraband to sell the fact that they took down the Solano cartel. However, Mike cannot rest easy until he knows who the mole is. Jessica invited him to go back to Washington DC with her, to which he said that he would think about it.

FBI Agent Charlie De Marco (Vanessa Ferlito) received a phone call from ICE Agent Dale Jakes (Barndon Jay McLaren), who needed to be picked up from jail as he was arrested for violating his restraining order. It was then discovered that Paige was missing. Charlie and FBI Agent Paul Briggs (Daniel Sunjata) headed to Jakes’ truck to listen to Paige’s last transmission on her wire, while Mike and FBI Agent Johnny Turturro (Manny Montana) picked up Jakes. Charlie and Briggs learned that Paige impersonated the dead Eastern European girl in order to infiltrate the human trafficking ring, while Mike could barely keep himself from swinging his fists at Jakes.

Mike then sought Briggs’ help to make Lawrence talk, as he might know where the girls were being taken. Briggs was successful in extracting the information they needed by wrapping a pillowcase around Lawrence’s head and pouring down alcohol down his throat. This was torture for Lawrence, who has been sober for sixteen years. They then set a meet up so that one of them could go undercover and “buy” Paige in order to rescue her. He also gave them a website where the pictures of the girls were available, where Mike was able to see Paige’s picture.

The next day, Mike posed as the buyer and was brought to the base via car, with his head in a sack the entire time. Once there, he immediately bought Paige. Paige, realizing that Lina wasn’t going to come with them, struggled and protested. Mike asked for a moment with Paige in a locked room. She then realized that they would not be able to rescue Lina or shut down the operation as there was no back up, and that Mike wanted to keep the place running for now. She begged him to buy Lina instead, which left Mike no choice but have her forcefully brought outside. Once in the car, he explained to Paige that the human trafficking ring was the only link they have left to Solano. Mike then set Lawrence free, giving him some new documents to disappear and start a new life.

At the house, Jakes visited a distraught Paige in her room and apologized as he handed her his mother’s ballerina music box so that she could keep on remembering Lina and her plight. As the two reconciled, a disillusioned Paige broke down and asked Jakes what exactly they were fighting for, to which he did not have an answer.

Jessica stopped by the house to see Mike before she left and was surprised that he was not going to be coming back with her. Being back at Graceland made him realize once again that there was more to the job than just winning the director’s chair.

Mike was then informed that Lawrence was murdered in his own house. There, Mike met Detective Sid Markum, the head of the LAPD Gang Task Force, who informed him that the murder looked like it was done by a cartel hit man, specifically the Solano cartel.

As Mike looked at the works of all the law enforcement personnel present at the CalCoast bust, he discovered that Markum’s second in command was part of the task force. Markum himself was Solano’s inside man. Mike shared this information with Briggs, and it seemed like the house would be gearing up for an all-out war against the LAPD and the Solano cartel.

All in all, this episode was the most intense episode of “Graceland” yet, showing us more action and adding more depth to the character of Paige Arkin. At the same time, viewers were able to witness a toned down version of the horrors of the human trafficking trade and made us think if the end did justify the means.

What do you think of this episode? Do you think that the end justified the means? Was Mike or Briggs right in keeping the human trafficker’s operation running so that they can have a link to Carlito? What do you think of the new key player in this messy cartel business — the LAPD task force? Let us know by posting your comments below.

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