Graceland Spoilers: Gratis

By Kitin Miranda | 3 years ago
Graceland Spoilers: Gratis
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Graceland” Season 2 Episode 9 “Gratis” airs on Wednesday, Aug. 13, 2014, at 10:00 p.m. on USA Network.  The upcoming episode promises to be action packed as the team moves their pieces into place. WARNING: Spoilers ahead! Read on to learn more about the spoilers for Episode 9 “Gratis.”

In “The Ends” (air date: Aug. 6, 2014), things were starting to warm up. “Gratis” showed the “Graceland” team’s next steps in locating and capturing the missing Carlito Solano (Erik Valdez). They are determined in getting even with Carlito’s ‘Guardian Angel with the help of Sid Markham (Carmine Giovinazzo), the head of the Los Angeles Police Department’s Gang Task Force.

Spoiler Alert: “Graceland” Season 2 Episode 9 “Gratis” airs on Wednesday, Aug. 13, 2014, at 10:00 p.m. on USA Network.

The show’s official Twitter account posted a short clip that shows DEA Agent Paige Arkin (Serinda Swan) sporting a British accent. She starts on her mission to help FBI Agent Johnny Tuturro (Manny Montana) in his solo mission in Mexico while accompanying Lucia Solano (Jamie Gray Hyder) into Mexico. Lucia is set to be reunited with her father, gang leader Carlos Solano.

Once there, Johnny is expected to embed himself with the family and to sell to them the  team’s idea to use planes to smuggle contraband into the United States. This will hopefully prompt Carlito to open up shop once again in his sex trafficking business. It will allow FBI Agent Mike Warren (Aaron Tveit) to get out of its base of operations and save the girls trapped inside there.

However, TV Guide posted the exclusive photos that tell a different story. In one picture, Mike is holding Lina, the first Eastern European girl Paige had befriended. He holds her while talking to Sulla, the man in charge of operations. Lina looks like she was just beaten up due to the purple bruise around her eye.

The other picture shows Mike staring at his hands, while there are visible blood stains on his white tank top. However, one can only guess whose blood is on him.

What do you think will happen in the next episode? Will Mike be able to get out of that place? Will Lina and the girls be saved? Will Johnny be successful in gaining an audience with the Solano elder? Will he be able to sell the team’s idea? What will happen to Johnny’s relationship with Lucia? Let us know by posting your comments below.

And that’s it for the brief “Graceland” recap and spoiler. Season 2 Episode 9 “Gratis” will air on Wednesday, Aug. 13, 2014, at 10:00 p.m. on USA Network. For more news and updates on “Graceland” and other television shows, keep following Movie News Guide (MNG).

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