Graceland Spoilers: Vanessa Ferlito and Charlie’s Big Decisions

By Kitin Miranda | 2 years ago
Graceland Spoilers: Vanessa Ferlito and Charlie’s Big Decisions
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“Graceland” Season 3 Episode 2 “Chester Cheeto”  just aired on USA Network on July 3, 2015, Thusday at 10:00 PM,  and along with it came a very surprising twist with regards to a major decision that FBI Agent Catherine “Charlie” DeMarco (Vanessa Ferlito) had to make. The Hollywood Reporter managed to sit down with the Ferlito twice, in two separate interviews, in which she talks about what is in store for Charlie this season, and how her character’s decision might affect things in the future. WARNING: This article contains spoilers for Charlie’s choice which happened on “Graceland” Season 3 Episode 2 “Chester Cheeto”. Read on to learn more about this upcoming episode.

It is no secret that FBI Agent Mike Warren (Aaron Tveit) wasn’t the only one in the “Graceland” house who had ended up taking a beating that had major reprecussions that are still haunting and affecting them. FBI Agent Catherine “Charlie” DeMarco (Vanessa Ferlito) was very much affected by the events of season two, after she discovered that the father of her child had been lying to her about so many things, and as she had gotten kidnapped and beaten up because of an undercover job, which involved a bank heist, went wrong.

According to an earlier report on Movie News Guide (MNG), “Chester Cheeto” will see Charlie making a very big decision with regards to whether she would be keeping the baby or not, and heads down to a clinic. However, in a surprise twist, Charlie ends up deciding to keep the baby, even though the little one will be entering a world full of undercover agents.

The Hollywood Reporter managed to catch up with the actress, and sat down with her regarding this decision, and she told them that she was happy that the creative team of the show decided that she would still have the baby. However, prior to this, she said that the team really thought hard about what they were going to do, and for all intents and purposes, it seemed like Charlie was going to lose the baby, especially after the beating that she took. However, despite everything Ferlito mentioned that the whole reality of having a child hasn’t really hit her yet, as her job is still her main priority. In another interview that The Hollywood Reporter conducted with the actress, Ferlito mentioned that Charlie is still in “denial”, and that she has to at least finish hunting down Amber (Brit Morgan) and Germaine Marsden (Russ Bain).

The actress also mentioned that Charlie still does have feelings for the father of her child, FBI Agent Paul Briggs (Daniel Sunjata, but is very confused as to where the two stand as of the moment, especially as he had lied to her one time too many.

Also, according to the article on Charlie’s big decision, it was mentioned that Amber will be returning into Charlie’s life, which will make Charlie become torn as to what to do, as she had developed a bond with Amber. Also, there will be a lot of pressure coming Charlie’s way, as it seems like Amber’s future is currently in Charlie’s hands.

What did you think of Charlie’s decision? What will she do with Amber and with Briggs? Let us know what you think in the comments below!

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