Gracepoint Finale Recap: Episode 10 [WATCH VIDEO]

By Rachel Cruz | 3 years ago
Gracepoint Finale Recap: Episode 10 [WATCH VIDEO]
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Gracepoint” Season 1 Episode 10 aired Thursday, Dec. 11, 2014, at 9:00 p.m. on FOX. And so it came down to this. The person responsible for the death of Danny Solano has been revealed in this season finale. Find out what happened in the episode in the recap below.

Detective Emmett Carver (David Tennant) talked to the chief to give him until the end of the day to wrap up work on Danny Solano’s case. He had to check out some more leads and discouraged the chief from giving the case to Ellie Miller (Anna Gun). He had his reasons. Somehow, Carver knew that Ellie would not be the best person for this job, and viewers got the confirmation fifteen minutes into the episode as to why.

Carver had Tom Miller (Jack Irvine), Ellie’s son, back at the precinct to ask him about his laptop. Tom was with his father, Joe (Josh Hamilton), while Carver videotaped the whole interrogation. He told the young boy they were able to retrieve emails from his hard drive, which showed that he and Danny (Nikolas Filipovic) had a falling out. But Joe no longer wanted to keep the interrogation going, and so they left the police station. As they were about to go, Carver asked them about their shoe sizes — 6 for Tom and 10 for Joe — and then they were on their way.

Minutes later, Danny’s missing phone was reactivated, and the police were on to the trace. This led them to the Miller’s house where Joe finally confessed to the crime. At the police station, he told Carver he had wanted to confess the night they saw his figure at the shack, but he ran when he saw that Carver was with Ellie.

And so the events of Danny's death was revealed, as Joe related the story via a flashback: Joe and Danny had a special friendship. They were secretly seeing each other for three months at the shack. It all started when Danny was beaten up by his father, Mark (Michael Pena), for quitting the soccer team, and Joe became his ally and confidante. The night the Miller family got back from Mexico, Joe had a rendezvous with Danny, and it almost lead to something sexual. Danny, however, rejected Joe’s advances.

Joe: The second he said no, the second he pulled back, I respected that.

Danny ran away and attempted to jump off the cliff, but Joe persuaded him not to do it. When he ran again, Danny slipped and smashed his head hard on a rock and never regained consciousness.

Joe: I never, ever meant to hurt him. I cared about him.

Joe admitted to discarding the body on the beach so that someone else would see it. He got busy cleaning up the shack and went home to his sleeping wife, confused about what just happened.

Joe: I destroyed my own family. This is too much. Jack’s suicide. I lied to Ellie. Does she know?
Carver: No.
Joe: I can’t tell her. You have to tell her.

While this was going on, Ellie was in the other interrogation room with Vince (Stephen Louis Grush), believing that he was still their closest suspect. When Carver told her that Joe had confessed, she threw up and broke down. Ellie and her kids were immediately transferred out of their house, as this was a new crime scene. They were let at a motel, where Ellie assured her worried son that her mother would always be there. But Tom could not be consoled. Then, Ellie started to notice and recall some things.

In another flashback, it was revealed that when Danny and Joe secretly met each other that night, Tom followed them and saw the whole thing. When Danny ran off, Tom ran in to protect his friend, but he accidently hit Danny, who smashed his head on the rock.

So the truth was: it was Tom who accidentally killed his friend, as he was trying to protect him from his father.

Ellie later revealed what she knows to Joe, when she was finally able to talk to him in jail. But, like a lioness protective of her cub, this was a secret she and her husband would have to keep till death. No one else needed to know this.

Ellie: Every single bit of it stays between us.

Later, as Ellie was walking down the street, Beth (Virginia Kull) spotted her from the window of her house. She caught up to Ellie and asked her neighbor how could she not know what her husband had done to her son?

The town finally had a memorial for Danny and as they marched on the streets, Ellie and Carver could only observe from afar.

Carver: This doesn't feel right to me, Miller, I hope you know that. I just keep thinking about your family, your boys.
Ellie: My boys will be fine. I'll make sure of it.

Ellie said that she and the boys might move somewhere else. They cannot possibly remain in Gracepoint.

Meanwhile, Carver had some family drama of his own, when he reconciled with his daughter Juliet (Chloe Babcook). He will be seeing her on her graduation, and she will be taking care of him when he undergoes the operation for his heart.

In the final minutes of the episode, Carver realized something about the last video he took of Tom with Joe.  Re-watching this three or four times, he finally understood that Joe was covering up for Tom. Carver tried to reach Ellie on her phone to tell her this, but when she saw who was calling in the phone's ID, she decided she won’t be answering it.

And this has been the final recap of “Gracepoint” Season 1 Episode 10, which aired Thursday, Dec. 11, 2014, at 9:00 p.m. on FOX. Were you right in guessing the identity of the killer? Did you see that one coming? Check out the highlight to the episode in the video below.

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Photo Source: Wikimedia Commons/Gage Skidmore

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