Gracepoint Recap: Episode 2 [WATCH VIDEO]

By Rachel Cruz | 3 years ago
Gracepoint Recap: Episode 2 [WATCH VIDEO]
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Gracepoint” Season 1 Episode 2 aired on Thursday, Oct. 9, 2014, at 9:00 p.m. on FOX. Detectives Emmett Carver and Ellie Miller seemed to have a lead on a suspect. The CSI found prints on a site, along with other evidence that Danny’s body was taken there. The print was from Danny’s father, Mark. Was he the killer? Let’s see what happened in the recap below.

The police were back at the Solano’s house to take fingerprint samples of everyone. Ellie (Anna Gunn) assured them that this was standard procedure, as they needed to have a database of elimination prints to rule them out while they were doing the investigation. Meanwhile, the family still couldn’t give Danny a proper mourning and burial, as his body was still with the police. They needed to hold this until they can find concrete leads. This and the fingerprint-lifting agitated and upset Mark (Michael Pena), Danny’s father. Beth (Virginia Krull), on the other hand, presented Ellie with a list of names whom they thought would harm their son. But it was a list of all their friends.

Forensics discovered that there’s $500 taped under Danny’s bed and a bag of cocaine was found in Chloe’s (Madalyn Horcher) room. Ellie asked her about this, and she confessed that the cocaine was for Gemma (Sarah-Jane Potts), who runs the only hotel in town. She doesn’t know about the money under Danny’s bed, though.

When asked by Carver (David Tennant) and Ellie, Gemma admitted that she did ask Chloe to score her some cocaine for these rich guests. But by the time she got these, the guests already left and so she gave Chloe back the stash. She did not know where Chloe got the pot. Was she in trouble? Emmett said that she needed to be processed at the police station. Ellie assured her that they can do it quietly, and she can go back to her business, which Emmett didn’t approve of.

Carver: Don’t do that, Miller. Don’t help people out of a jam. Don’t tell them they have nothing to worry. Stop reassuring people, let them feel the pressure.
Ellie: Can I say something? You’re not here to train me, I know what I’m doing. I know how to handle people. So, you can keep your brooding, ass-aholic, big city cop act to yourself.

While secretly meeting with her boyfriend, Chloe told him that the police found the stash. He wanted assurance that the police wouldn’t press on it, as they cannot find out he’s the source. While this had nothing to do with Danny’s death it seemed, what was Chloe’s boyfriend hiding?

Beth, Danny’s mother, needed to get out of the house as she was feeling stifled. She went to the supermarket to buy snacks, but she was very aware that people were staring at her. Worse, she spotted some of Danny’s favorite food, which made her really upset. She hurriedly left the store but accidentally bumped her car into some push carts, and she lost it. Pastor Paul saw her and stayed with her for a while until she calmed down. She revealed a secret to Paul, something she has not told anyone yet — she is pregnant.

Later, Paul was talking to the media about Danny. When Mark saw this, he became upset and marched up the church to tell off the pastor. There’s some history there viewers have yet to find out.

Carver and Ellie were going over details of what the CSI found at the Solano’s house and the family’s behavior in general. Carver pointed out that it seemed unusual for the family to come up with a list of names, when the police didn’t even ask for this.

Ellie: It made me sick to read it. Teachers, babysitters, some of their best friends. Maybe they’re in shock.
Carver: But they’re smart. We didn’t ask for a list. They could be trying to direct where we look. Take focus off the family.
Ellie: The Solanos did not hurt Danny.
Carver: Are you saying that as a detective or someone who knows them?
Ellie: Both.
Carver: You have to learn not to trust.
Ellie: That’s what you have to teach me?
Carver: You have to do your best to try to see this town form the outside.
Ellie: I can’t be outside. I don’t wanna be outside.
Carver: You can’t be the right fit.
Ellie: Maybe you’re not the right fit, swooping in here thinking everyone’s evil.

Carver spoke with Susan Weaver (Jackie Weaver) the next day to get the keys to a building near the cliff where Danny supposedly fell. They wanted to check the building for clues and prints, if there were any. Sue was the bystander who was always observing the police doing their investigation of the crime scene. She lived and worked by the beach and may have possibly seen the incident with Danny. Sue took out the key inside a cabinet and viewers could see that there was Danny’s skateboard inside. The police were looking for this. So why was it with Sue?

The police also asked Jack Reinhart (Nick Nolte) about information on a backpacker he recalled was getting chummy with Danny some two weeks before his murder.

A guy working on the telephone lines at the Gracepoint police station came up to Ellie and Carver. He told them he had a message from Danny himself, and Carver could not contain his disbelief. Seriously, psychics? But Ellie was open to whatever he had to say. He said that they should check into water and boats because that’s how Danny died. He also told Carver something he only knew: that he has been forgiven by a girl. It had something to do with a pendant. When Ellie asked, Carver didn’t want to talk about what it was.

Carver, by the way, has been battling his own demons. He’s been drowning himself in pills, perhaps hoping to forget an incident involving a young girl whose picture was inside his wallet.

Later, Carver was again questioning Danny’s father about where he was the night Danny died because they saw a footage from the cameras near the beach that he was waiting for someone there in the dead of night. They have also reviewed Danny’s journal, where many of the entries talked about how his father was always mad at him. Some of these entries suggested he feared for his life. Mark insisted that after work that night, he went out with a friend to have a drink, but he could not remember who this friend was. His replies were sketchy.

But before Carver could ask him more questions, Ellie called him up saying that the CSI found some prints at the building by the beach. It was of Mark’s.

And that’s our recap of “Gracepoint” Season 1 Episode 2, which aired on Thursday, Oct. 9, 2014, at 9:00 p.m. on FOX. Do you think the leads about Mark will hold? Do you believe he’s behind Danny’s death?

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