Gracepoint Recap: Episode 4 [WATCH VIDEO]

By Rachel Cruz | 3 years ago
Gracepoint Recap: Episode 4 [WATCH VIDEO]
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Gracepoint” Season 1 Episode 4 aired on Thursday, Oct. 23, 2014, at 9:00 p.m. on FOX. With Mark ruled out from the suspects' list, Detectives Emmett Carver and Ellie Millier looked for other leads to the murder of Danny Solany. Read on for the recap.

Last week, the CSI discovered a piece of paper with a number on it among Danny’s clothes. In this episode, the detectives discovered that the number belonged to a Lars Pierson. He was a war veteran who was discharged from the service for reasons not yet determined. Detectives Emmett Carver (David Tennant) and Ellie Miller (Anna Gunn) sought to investigate his cabin, except the sheriff won’t allow it, as there was no valid reason to get a court order just yet. So, the detectives asked some of the people of Gracepoint about Lars Pierson by showing his photo.

Jack Reinhold (Nick Nolte) recognized him right away. He said that Pierson was the guy he’d been talking about (in Episode 2 air date: Oct. 9, 2014); the guy he told the police who talked to Danny by the bench overlooking the beach a few weeks before his death.

Beth Solano (Virginia Krull) also recognized Pierson. He was once at the visitors’ center where Beth worked, and he behaved rather oddly. Pierson even made a comment about a photo of Danny and Chloe, which was on Beth’s desk.

The police also found out that Pierson was taking anti-psychotic medicine. There were so many mystery surrounding this guy, but nothing that clearly indicated he had something to do with Danny’s murder. Carver and Ellie had to dig further for leads.  

So, they turned their attention to Dean (Kendric Sampston), the boyfriend of Chloe Solano. They needed to find out about the cocaine and the money found hidden in Danny’s room. When Dean saw that the cops were looking for him, he ran away from them. Was he guilty?

When the detectives caught him, he was not quite cooperative with answering questions at first. He also swore that he was not close to Danny. But when the police questioned Dean’s cocaine source, the guy said that he saw Danny being berated by Dean that day he gave the cocaine stash to him. The police had no choice but to bring Dean in for questioning. He confessed to two things.

First, yes, he had Danny with him when he was buying cocaine. But this only because on the way to the dealer’s place, he found Danny wandering off outside of town, seemingly lost or wanting to be lost, so he took him in when Danny asked for a ride. Second, yes, he scolded Danny. But this was only because he learned that Danny stole something from the convenience store when they stopped to get gas. There was a surveillance camera to prove this, which the police verified. He was also at work at his uncle’s the night Danny died, which the police verified too.

Dean admitted he was not cooperative with the police earlier because he was worried this would get to his uncle, and they already have difficult relationship as it is.

Meanwhile, Beth was getting impatient as they still have no information from the police. So, she marched to the station and demanded for the status of the investigation. Should they tell the family about Danny’s odd and secretive behavior?

Ellie decided they should be upfront; the family deserved this. So, at the Solano’s house, they updated the family and showed them the footage of Danny stealing. Beth was nearly hysterical too upon learning what Dean told the police. This was not her son. Her son would never steal. Beth got even more upset to learn who Dean really was. She was apparently not aware that Dean and Chloe were a couple, but Mark (Michael Pena), Chloe’s father, knew. He saw the two kissing in secret earlier.

The episode also showed that the townspeople of Gracepoint had their own secrets, such as:

  • The connection between Susan Wright (Jackie Weaver) and Vince Novik (Stephen Louis Grush). Susan was the old lady who kept the key to the building where Danny’s blood were traced, and Vince was Mark’s apprentice. Why did she want Vince to have dinner with her? Why did it seem like it was his obligation?
  • The instance were Vince was with Tom (Jack Irvine), Danny’s best friend, who asked help to fix his skateboard. Why did Vince ask Tom if he’s mother was aware he was with him, and why did he close the door so sinisterly?
  • The fact that Tom was snooping at his mother’s work stuff and did a little investigation himself on his computer.
  • The way the Pastor Paul (Kevin Rankin) threatened Raymond, the psychic, with regards helping Beth.

Also in this episode, Detective Carver showed some signs of physical deterioration and exhaustion, as well as bouts of what looked like panic attacks. Was this connected to the previous case he handled, and will Ellie begin to notice?

And there you have it for the recap on “Gracepoint” Season 1 Episode 4, which aired on Thursday, Oct. 23, 2014, at 9:00 p.m. on FOX. Check out the video below for the highlights.

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