Gracepoint Recap: Episode 7 [WATCH VIDEO]

By Rachel Cruz | 3 years ago
Gracepoint Recap: Episode 7 [WATCH VIDEO]
David Tennant, 26 July 2009, 11:55

Gracepoint” Season 1 Episode 7 aired on Thursday, Nov. 13, 2014, at 9:00 p.m. on FOX. Another boy was missing, and this had the community working together to help the family find him. Meanwhile, Carver had an unexpected visitor. Find out what happened in the recap below.

Many of the townsfolk were in attendance at Jack Reinhold’s (Nick Nolte) wake. Detectives Emmett Carver (David Tennant) and Ellie Miller (Anna Gunn) were also there to pay their respects, but because they knew that Danny’s real killer would be there, they had to observe the crowd too.

After the funeral, the hotel arranged for food and drinks for the townsfolk, and it was there that Carver noticed the pastor, Paul Coates (Kevin Rankin), talking to Tom (Jack Irvine), Ellie's son, who was sitting by himself. Carver thought he saw Paul put his hand on Tom’s knees. Later, when Paul left him, Carver came by to ask Tom about Paul. He also questions about Danny and the pastor. Joe (Josh Hamilton), Tom’s father, spotted them and interrupted Carver’s questioning, and then Ellie asked her son if it was okay to have Carver ask him questions. But the kid replied that his parents do not know anything about him anymore.

Going to school the next day with his father, Tom asked if he could bike ahead, since his baby brother dropped a toy and Joe was going back to retrieve this. Joe agreed to have Tom bike with the rest of the townsfolk who were also bringing their kids to school. After all, it was only three more blocks off. But sometime later, Ellie received a call from school that Tom wasn’t there. Their son had gone missing.

Soon after, a search for Tom took place with no less than Mark Solano (Michael Pena) heading the party. Beth (Virginia Krull) gave Ellie a sympathetic hug when they saw each other. They were in the same boat now, with Danny dead and Tom missing.

It was so much harder for Ellie to keep focus with work because this time, it was her son who was in danger. Carver, and Ellie sought teachers who were also on the Solano’s list (which they gave to the police in Episode 2). But these turned up with no leads.

Raymond (Adam Greydon Reid), the psychic, boldly approached Beth, even as he was instructed by the police not to bother her anymore, because he had a message: Tom was not okay. He’s bleeding. Beth relayed this message to Joe, who was already feeling responsible for what happened to his son.

Vince (Stephen Louis Grush), Mark’s apprentice, was suspiciously shown inside his shed, storing something in his freezer, with his hands covered in blood. Could he have taken Tom? Vince had another matter to deal with, though, with Susan Wright (Jacki Weaver), who told him that she knew what he has done.  What was she talking about? Was it the murder of Danny? This confrontation ended up with Vince choking Susan, warning her that he has a rifle, and he’s not afraid to use it on her.

Lars Pierson (Brendan Fletcher), the man whose number was on Danny’s clothes when he died (Episode 3) has returned to town, just as all these were happening. The police were able to search his house, and they had him in custody. They found all sorts of weapons at his place and a bunch of antipsychotic medications. Soon after, Pierson was at the interrogation room with Carver and Ellie.  But the latter was too emotionally involved to handle Pierson, so Carver had to do the interview alone.

Yes, Pierson remembered Danny. That day Jack Spotted them talking, he was actually helping Danny out with a crossword puzzle. He gave him his number because Danny had mentioned he wanted to see places.

Lars Pierson: He wants to get out of this little town. I told him that if he ever wanted to talk, he could give me call. He tore off a piece of his crossword, I wrote the number down and I kept on walking. Is he dead?
Carver: Why are you asking me that?
Lars Pierson: Because I’ve seen guys that know when someone’s dead and they look like how you look.

Amidst the chaos, Carver had an unexpected visitor. Her daughter Julianne (Chloe Babcook) arrived in town, but he could not attend to her right away because of this matter with Tom. Julianne was left at his office for a while. As she was snooping around her dad’s desk, she found his medication. She confronted her father about this later. Why was he talking medication for his heart? Carver assured her that he was okay, but he had work to do.

Julianne: It’s always the same. All you care about is other people’s children.

And just as quickly as she arrived in Gracepoint, Julianne left town immediately too.

By the end of this episode, the townsfolk’s search for Tom lead them deep into the woods where they found his bike abandoned, much to Ellie’s horror. Could they find him in time to save him?

And that’s how things went down on “Gracepoint” Season 1 Episode7, which aired on Thursday, Nov. 13, 2014, at 9:00 p.m. on FOX. Check out the video below for some of the highlights to the episode.

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