Grammy 2016 Nominations: 5 snubs & Surprises

By Pala Sen | 2 years ago
Grammy 2016 Nominations: 5 snubs & Surprises
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Grammy 2016 is round the corner with Kendrick Lamar, The Weeknd and Taylor Swift leading the nominations in various categories. While it was a great moment of joy for many thousands of fans to see their favorite artists getting these prestigious nominations, there are some albums, artists, and songs that were overlooked by The Recording Academy, reports.

  1. 1. Madonna and Prince were ignored?

Both the performers have various things in common. While both were huge icons of the eighties, they also made a big comeback with their respective new albums. Madonna was in the news for her “12th Effort Rebel Heart” while Prince was adorable in his “HITRUN Phase One.” Yet, both could not muster any fondness from the Academy.

  1. 2. “Hotline Bling” of Drake somehow got lost in the crowd

Even though it was regarded as one of the finest ubiquitous tracks of the moment, the song was not submitted for consideration in Grammys though it was released in July this year that is much before the eligibility cutoff of September 30.

  1. 3. FourFiveSeconds went missing too

It is a known fact now that the Grammys might have liked this folk-pop number as Kanye West, Paul McCartney, and Rihanna had performed on the track during the February telecast. So, no one could figure out why this easygoing hit was bypassed by the voters in favor of  Kanye’s “All Day” that got plenty of praises.

  1. 4. “Sonic Highways” from Foo Fighters could not get nomination in the ‘album’ categories

Though the academy did not ignore “Sonic Highways” altogether as it has got a nomination in the category of best music film, ye many were disappointed when this popular and favorite album was not found to be a contender in the category of the album of the year or the best rock album. The album has Dave Grohl along with his boys recording numbers in 8 cities all across the country.

  1. 5. Fetty Wap was ignored in the category of best new artist

Wap’s self-titled debut title was released days before the September cutoff for eligibility. It was assumed by many that he would surely get a slot in the Grammy for the category of new artist. It was sad that this rap artist was not considered for the category. But the good news was that he received 2 nominations for best performance and best rap song in the Grammy 2016.


Photo source: Instagram/Taylor Swift

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