Grammys 2015: Weirdest Moments

By Miguel Lauresta | 3 years ago
Grammys 2015: Weirdest Moments
Madonna – Amsterdam ArenA – September 2, 2008/CandyShopAmsterdam.jpg: KarenBlue

The show is known to be a melting pot of creativity, so it’s normal to be weird.

The Grammy Awards always delivers with its powerful performances, out of this world outfits and artists being their weird selves.

From Pharell to Katy Perry, the awards show was full of breathtaking moments that displayed the talents of the artists from the different musical genres. Even so, these great artists still have their weird moments, and it’s those weird scenes that make these award shows worth watching. Plus, who wouldn’t want to see Sir Paul McCartney dance, right? Here’s some of those weird moments.

Matador Madonna

To herald her return, the queen of pop decided to dress up like a matador, minus an army of bulls. But hey, she got the look down to, and we are not complaining.

Awkward dancing with Chrissy Teigen

We love this woman. Her award show appearances have got to be one of the most meme-worthy images. Even while chatting with her husband, singer John Legend, Teigen manages to do a dance move. This must be how they communicate, and that’s a marriage tip right there.

“Evil Woman” can make Paul McCartney dance

Who knew that our beloved Beatle can groove? Okay, granted it’s a lot of dad dancing to handle, but this is Paul McCartney we’re talking about. Who knew that the music icon has some groove, eh?

Sia’s cover up

The “Elastic Heart” singer came into the awards show in a simple pant suit with her muse, Maddie Ziegler. Both were wearing almost identical clothes and sporting the same hair. The only difference is that Sia’s hair is bigger and her bangs were covering majority of her face. The singer has been known to cover her face during appearances and performances. In one of her performances for a talk show, Sia decided to sing with her back facing to the crowd. Selling her music with only her voice is Sia’s quirk and franky we’re all for it.

Madonna’s “horny” dancers

It’s not surprising for Madonna’s production numbers to be weird. But this time, her dancers with bull horns and bedazzled masks, although we weren’t sure at first if it was bull horns or are they trying to channel Maleficient. But one thing’s for sure though, those horns will be sacrificed after the performance.

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Photo source: Wikimedia Commons/CandyShopAmsterdam.jpg: KarenBlue

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