Grand Theft Auto 6 Update: Delays and Budget Woes?

By Edson Kyle Encina | 1 year ago
Grand Theft Auto 6 Update: Delays and Budget Woes?
Grand Theft Auto

Grand Theft Auto 6 development has been reportedly stalled indefinitely. There are rumors before about the cancellation of Grand Theft Auto 6 game.

A source from Gamenguide suggested that the game developers might have a budget issue on their hands. Although that might not be the case yet, Rockstar did give a reason for the delay. Developer Rockstar cited the reason why there hasn’t been a Grand Theft Auto 6 update. The reason being that they wanted fans to focus on Grand Theft Auto 5 and not the sequel. After all, the game developers are working hard in updating the online mode of Grand theft Auto 5.

Fans still can’t help but think that there might have been some financial troubles in the game’s development. Specially when there are rumors that Grand Theft Auto 6 might include VR capability, and that costs more. Grand Theft Auto 5 is considered as one of the most expensive game that was ever developed. The game ranked number three in Wikipedia’s list of the most costly games ever made.

The development of the game already cost developers $50 million. Plus an additional $200 million for the marketing cost, adding up to $250 million in total.

However, the game did make a big amount of profit from the game since then. And it’s not just the base game itself that is earning, it’s online mode earns big as well. Even to this day, the game continues to make profits from it’s online mode. It’s understandable why Rockstar chose to focus on the online mode instead. The GTA online cash cards alone cost $20 each and there are hundreds of players willing to buy them. That is why Rockstar is constantly expanding the GTA 5’s online mode ever since.

It’s good that GTA online is very much alive, but fans who are hoping for a Grand Theft Auto 6 update are still disappointed. Multiple sources are suggesting that the fans cannot get to see Grand Theft Auto 6 until 2020. Fans will just have to wait and see what Rockstar might have in store for the future.

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