Grantchester Recap: Episode Five

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Grantchester Recap: Episode Five
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“Grantchester” Season 1 Episode 5 “Episode Five” aired on Sunday, Feb. 16, 2015, at 10:00 p.m. on PBS. In this episode, the vicar Sidney Chambers (James Norton) and Detective Chief Inspector Geordie Keating (Robson Green) went to London to visit Johnny Johnson’s (Ukweli Roach) father’s jazz club. While there, they accidentally stumbled upon a murder that revealed the past of Johnny’s father. Moreover, Sidney caved in to some temptations in the city, which made him feel terrible, especially as he continued to see Hildegard Staunton (Pheline Roggan). Read on to learn more about this episode.

Sidney Chambers (James Norton) and Detective Chief Inspector Geordie Keating (Robson Green), who had just arrived at London, argued over the merits of jazz versus opera on the way to Johnny Johnson’s (Ukweli Roach’s) father’s jazz club, as it turned out that Geordie preferred opera to jazz. There, they were ushered in by Tommy (Andy Beckwith), the club’s bouncer. Inside, they were greeted by Jennifer “Jen” Chambers (Fiona Button) and Johnny Johnson and were introduced to his younger sister Claudette “Claudie” Johnson (Natasha Cotriall). Soon afterwards, they were shown to their table by Archie Johnson (Peter Egan), who told them to look for Justin (Ted Reily) if they needed anything. They were then treated to a whole night’s performance by the New York jazz singer Gloria Dee (Camilla Marie Beeput).

After a while, Sidney was surprised to see Amanda Kendall (Morven Christie), who revealed that she had been invited by Jen. Before going to the dance floor, Claudie, who was checking coats, told Sidney to tell Johnny to remember what their mother used to tell them before.

Amanda, Sidney, Johnny and Jen danced until Gloria’s first set ended. Afterwards, Amanda asked Gloria to give an autograph to Sidney and told her that Sidney was a detective. Sidney then told her that Amanda was an explorer. Because of this, Gloria dedicated her next song to them, which caused them to become sad and pensive. They were then interrupted after Archie staggered into the club, who said that something had happened to Claudie. Downstairs, Jen, Johnny, Geordie, Amanda and Sidney discovered that Claudie had been beaten to death around her head and then was covered up with Archie’s coat. Detective Chief Inspector Williams then came and took over the investigation and belittled Geordie and Sidney since they were just detectives from a small town. Upstairs, Sidney tried to comfort Amanda who was visibly upset but pulled away immediately after Guy Hopkins (Tom Austen), Amanda’s fiancé, came to bring her home.

Later that night, Sidney realized that at one point during the night, Jen and not Claudie was checking coats as he had recognized Jen’s bracelet under the uniform. After confronting Jen about it, Jen revealed that Claudie had been on her way to see her boyfriend, a “colored” man named Walter “Walt” Stirling (Nakay Kpaka), whom Archie disapproved off due to his color. They found Walt at the market, where they saved him from Justin, who was beating him up as he believed that it was Walt’s fault that Claudie had died. However, Walt told Geordie and Sidney that he believed that Claudie’s death was caused by Archie, who didn’t like him, even if he was studying to become a teacher.

Back at the club, Sidney passed on Claudie’s last message to Johnny, who refused to talk to Sidney about his father. Tommy tried to get Archie to close the club for the night, but Archie just got annoyed at him. Because of this, Geordie decided to slip a note to Tommy, which told him to call him if he knew anything. They were then interrupted by Williams who revealed to the club that Sidney was really a vicar, not a detective.

At the train station, Sidney decided to check on things at the vicarage. Leonard Finch (Al Weaver) begged him to come home as they were pretty lost without him and told him that Guy had called as he wanted to meet Sidney at his gentleman’s club. There, Guy revealed to him that he knew about Sidney and Amanda’s past relationship and told him that they were going to get married in a month at their local vicarage. He was invited to the wedding because he wouldn’t be seeing much of Amanda anymore as they would be living in London afterwards.

Because of this, Sidney returned to the club that night and talked to Gloria after revealing to her that he was a vicar. Afterwards, he accepted a lift from her and ended up spending the entire night with her.

The next day, he was shocked at what he had done and realized that he had missed his service. He then discovered one of Claudie’s bracelet charms on the carpet and pocketed it. Back at Cambridge, he showed Geordie the charm and told him that he felt guilty about what he had done and that he was dreading having to tell Hildegard Staunton (Pheline Roggan) about it. They were then interrupted by a phone call from Tommy who told Geordie to take a look at what had happened to Charlie Rush on Aug. 24, 1941.

Back at the vicarage, Mrs. Maguire (Tessa Peake-Jones) informed him that Leonard’s sermon was a mess and that Hildegard had been patiently waiting for him. They then went for a walk, and Sidney lied to her by telling her that he wasn’t going to officiate Amanda’s wedding and didn’t tell her about his night encounter with Gloria. He was even more surprised when she kissed him lightly on the lips.

Afterwards, he felt guilty about what he had done and decided to get rid of all of his jazz records, which startled Mrs. Maguire and Leonard. Jen then arrived and told Sidney that she didn’t know what to do with Johnny as of the moment. They were then interrupted by Geordie who told them that they had to go to the funeral so that they could talk to Archie, as he had discovered that Charlie Rush had died 12 years ago in a warehouse, where he had been found beaten to death just like Claudie and that Williams had arrested Archie but had released him with no charges against him.

At the funeral, Johnny told Sidney that their mother used to tell them that no matter what happened, they always had each other. Archie also revealed that he believed that someone was trying to send him a message as Claudie had been covered up with his coat. Walt then came to pay his respects, but Archie wouldn’t have any of it. He was about to become violent when Gloria came and sang a song for Claudie. Thanks to this, Walt was able to place a simple flower in Claudie’s hands. Afterwards, Johnny confronted his father, as he remembered that he used to beat them and their mother up. Asked if he remembered that they had been planning to run off with their kind neighbor, but Archie had prevented her from doing so and had beaten her up because of it.

After the ceremony, Sidney learned that the charm had been in Gloria’s room as she let the lovers meet there.

Later, at the pub, Sidney didn’t seem to be listening to Geordie as he felt bad for lying to Hildegard. Geordie then informed him that he discovered that Charlie Rush had died in a warehouse and lived next door before to the Johnsons. Because of this, he believed that Charlie had been the kind neighbor that Johnny had mentioned. Sidney then realized that whoever had killed Claudie had been ashamed of what he had done as he had tried to cover her up afterwards. After confronting Tommy about it, who told them that Justin and Archie had left, he told them that he had been there when Archie had killed Charlie and that Charlie’s child had witnessed everything.

They then headed over to the warehouse where Charlie was killed. There, they discovered that Justin had tied up Archie and forced him to confess to what he had done. Sidney then told Justin that killing Claudie and getting an apology from Archie would not bring his father back, and he knew that he didn’t really want to do it, as he had been ashamed of what he had done do Claudie.

Afterwards, Williams and the police brought him in. Sidney then revealed to him that he had realized that the culprit was Justin as he had covered Claudie up, and because on the drive home, he had called the incident an accident, as that was what he had wanted to believe had happened. He then revealed that Justin had probably got his revenge on Claudie after he offered her a lift when she was on her way to meet Walt. Because of this, Williams praised Geordie for his work. However, his happiness turned into annoyance after Geordie and Sidney revealed that they knew that Williams was being paid by Archie to keep quiet about the Charlie Rush incident and warned him that he would be dismissed from the force.

Back at Grantchester, Sidney discovered that his records were back. Mrs. Maguire then revealed that Hildegard had saved them for him and told him that Hildegard had fallen in love with Sidney.

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