Grantchester Recap: Episode Four

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Grantchester Recap: Episode Four
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“Grantchester” Season 1 “Episode Four” aired on Sunday, Feb. 8, 2015, at 10 PM on PBS. In this episode, after a neighborhood fire and a murder interrupts the daily pace of the town, Sidney Chambers (James Norton) struggled with his own opinion on how much a person’s private life must come to light as he investigated his current case. Meanwhile, Mrs. Staunton (Pheline Roggan) came back to town in order to sell her old house, and got closer to Sidney, much to the annoyance of Amanda Kendall (Morven Christie). Detective Inspector Geordie Keating’s (Robson Green) family life came into play as he threw himself into his work when his youngest son contracted a terrible fever. Read on to learn more about this episode.

Sidney Chambers (James Norton) was dreaming of his time in the Scots Guard, when they came under fire while his men were looting several dead bodies. He then woke up as Dickens, his puppy, was barking continuously. After he and the other curate, Leonard Finch (Al Weaver), came out, they realized that the Taylor house was on fire. Leonard ran back in, tripped on the floor, and called the Fire Brigade, while Sidney ran to the house and warned everyone that there was a fire so that others could help; however, the only one who ran to help out was Mr. Tobias Hall (Struan Rodger). Sidney then went inside the house to save Mrs. Marian Taylor (Flora Montgomery), who was staring at the fireplace in shock. As he and Marian exited through the front lawn window, they were greeted by Ben Blackwood, who helped them out. Afterwards, Mrs. Maguire (Tessa Peake-Jones) scolded Sidney for jumping into a burning house, while Leonard found a kindred spirit in Ben, but his hopes were a little bit dashed as his girlfriend came to see that he was alright. A young woman paid attention to Leonard and gave him some tea. A little bit later, Detective Inspector Geordie Keating (Robson Green) learned from Mr. Taylor that the probable cause of the fire were the ashes in the fireplace.

Afterwards, during mass, the same young woman who gave Leonard tea that morning and who played the organ for them looked at Leonard during Sidney’s sermon. Sidney stopped mid-sermon after realizing that Mrs. Hildegard Staunton (Phelin Roggan) had entered. Afterwards, he tried to go to her but was interrupted by Mr. Dominic Taylor (Lee Williams), who told him that he knew that the fire had not been an accident. Because of this, Sidney remembered that earlier that morning, Dominic had accused Tobias Hall of doing something.

Outside, he met up with Hildegard, who informed him that she was selling the Staunton house and that she was holding him to his promise of a boat ride. He then introduced her to Guy Hopkins (Tom Austen) and Amanda Kendall (Morven Christie) as a piano teacher. Afterwards, he invited her over for tea, which was not well received by Mrs. Maguire at all, which she showed by banging the tea tray. After Hildegard had left, he spoke with Mrs. Maguire, which resulted to her being in a bad mood when she served his lunch. He then apologized for snapping at her and reassured her that she was a wonderful housekeeper.

Afterwards, he paid a visit to Marian who informed him that they were going to move to London. She then told him that they would be happier there and that Dominic would probably be more of himself again when they moved. They were interrupted by Detective Constable Atkins (Joe Claflin) who informed Marian and Sidney that they had discovered Dominic’s body in Regents Terrace in Cambridge. Sidney then discovered from Atkins that Geordie was currently at home as his youngest boy, David, was currently really sick.

He visited the Keating house, where Cathy Keating (Kacey Ainsworth) told him that David’s sickness was really bad and that the doctors were already preparing them for the worst. Outside, Sidney discovered that Geordie was splitting wood and was trying to distract himself from worrying about his son. Geordie then realized that Sidney had a new case at hand and decided to throw himself into his work instead of standing around and worrying. Because of this, Sidney and Atkins informed Geordie that Dominic had been found on Regents Terrace and had been stabbed with a knife in the chest. However, Atkins had not been able to get any clues, leads or the knife used to stab Dominic. They then went over to the Red Lion to question Tobias Hall, the landlord of the place, as Dominic had accused him earlier of setting the fire.

At the Red Lion, Tobias informed them that Dominic was stuck up and had threatened to shut him down as he always complained about the noise of his customers every day, and because of that, he had told him that if he did close him down he “would live to regret it.” Afterwards, Sidney insisted that Geordie go home instead of going to the pub, but Geordie ignored him.

Later that day, Sindey and Hildegard went out for a boat ride. There, she revealed to him that she was angry at her late husband for keeping secrets from her, and that in reality, she did not know who her husband well as she thought she had. Because of this, Sidney became lost in thought, especially when Hildegard mentioned that Regents Terrace was near Parker Peace. Sidney then biked over there and noticed that men would often sneak into the public men’s room. After discovering blood spatters inside, Sidney brought Geordie and Atkins over to take a look at it.

There, Sidney told Geordie that he believed that Dominic had been stabbed there but had been found on Regents Terrace which was nearby as he had tried to make his way out there. After seeing two men come out of a cubicle, they realized that men often went there to meet up with their lovers, as most of the people who went there were engaged in homosexual relationships. Atkins then arrested one of the men for “public indecency,” much to Sidney’s annoyance. Sidney also realized that Marian probably knew about Dominic’s affair.

Back at the vicarage, he promised to keep her family’s private life under wraps if she told them what she knew. She then informed them that on the morning of the fire, she had seen the note that had been slipped under their front door. It was a blackmail letter in which Dominic was being forced to pay “the usual” so that his secret would not be revealed. She then had burned the letter and, in her shock, had let it drop to the carpet, which started the fire. Sidney then realized that it was Tobias who had sent the blackmail letter, as he had encountered him, fully dressed, walking back to the Red Lion on the morning of the fire. He then revealed that he had seen Ben Blackwood and Dominic kissing in his bathroom, which gave him leverage to extort money from Dominic so that he would not say anything. Because of this, much to Sidney’s annoyance as he had promised Ben that his secret would not go public, Geordie had Ben and Tobias arrested. After speaking his mind, Geordie snapped back at Sidney.

Later on, he was visited by his father, Vic Blackwood (Wayne Foskett), whom they later had to separate from Ben as he had tried to strangle his own son. Because of this, after questioning him, Sidney allowed him to stay over for a while at the vicarage. Mrs. Maguire then decided not to judge or say anything against Sidney’s guests, just as he had asked her to.

After his weekly sermon, Marian informed Sidney that she did not like what he did, as he had broken her promise to keep her husband’s affairs quiet. Then, much to Sidney’s surprise, Mrs. Maguire invited Hildegard over for tea. However, Amanda Kendall (Morven Christie) didn’t like this at all, and Sidney realized that despite the fact that she was engaged, she was jealous of Hildegard. At the vicarage, Sidney was happy to see that Hildegard and Mrs. Maguire were getting along. He then went to Ben who was seated outside and was worried about his future and his father who hadn’t even asked about him. Leonard then reassured him that no matter what, even if his father shouted at him, he did it out of love.

Sidney was then interrupted by a telephone call from Cathy, who asked him to come over immediately. At the Keating house, Sidney discovered that David had gotten worse and that she sorely needed Geordie to be there with her. He then tracked him down to their local pub and tried to talk Geordie into going home. Instead, Geordie, who had quite enough beer to drink, told him off, which resulted in Sidney calling him selfish.

As he biked home, Sidney remembered what Leonard had said about fathers loving their sons no matter what. He then realized that Vic had killed Dominic, but when he confronted him about it, Vic only wished him luck to find the proof that they needed. Because of this, he realized that the knife was still in the public bathroom. However, they couldn’t find it at all inside the bathroom, and Atkins wasn’t so keen in looking for it as Ben had gone to the police station to confess to the murder of his lover.

Afterwards, Geordie paid a visit to Sidney at the vicarage, and the two friends apologized to each other for being a short tempered with each other. Afterwards, Geordie realized that the knife, which had been inside the bathroom wall, might have fallen outside as it might have gotten lose after Atkins had slammed the other guy to the wall while arresting him for public indecency the first time that they had gone there. Thanks to that they were able to arrest Vic for the murder of Dominic. At the station, Vic revealed to Sidney that he had lost all hope of giving Ben a good and successful life, as he was going to send Ben to college to study to become a respectable doctor. However, Sidney revealed to him that Ben could still be respected by others and become a doctor.

At the Keating house, Geordie discovered that David had gotten better and apologized to his wife for not being around. Afterwards, they had little David baptized by Sidney. Meanwhile, the Taylors left for London and Ben smiled after discovering a book that Leonard had given to him.

While Leonard met up with a young woman for tea, Hildegard, whose piano was now on the vicarage’s front lawn, as Sidney had bought it, gave Sidney that piano lesson he had used as an excuse to Amanda and Guy as to how they had met.

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