Grantchester Recap: Episode Three

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Grantchester Recap: Episode Three
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“Grantchester” Season 1 Episode 3 aired on Sunday, Feb. 1, 2015, at 10 PM on PBS. In this episode, Inspector Geordie Keating (Robson Green) and the vicar Sidney Chambers (James Norton) investigated the death of an old woman who was found dead after confiding to Sidney that she believed that her future son-in-law wanted her dead. However, after discovering another death, they realized that they were dealing with something much more than just annoyed relatives. Meanwhile, Leonard Finch (Al Weaver) tried his best to deliver his first two sermons, and Sidney struggled with the aftermath of his decision to officiate over Amanda Kendall’s (Morven Christie) and Guy Hopkins’ (Tom Austen) marriage. Read on to learn more about this episode.

At the local pub, Amanda Kendall (Morven Christie) and Guy Hopkins (Tom Austen) asked the vicar Sidney Chambers (James Norton) if he was willing to officiate their marriage. He accepted and told them that he would have to ask the Archbishop to grant their request for marriage in Grantchester. However, later, when he got back home, he ended up drinking and staring at the picture of him and Amanda. The next morning, Mrs. Maguire (Tessa Peake-Jones) caught him trying to hide the bottle of what he had drank the night before, and reminded him that he had to pick up their new curate, Leonard Finch (Al Weaver), at the bus stop.

While Leonard got settled into his new room, after a stern warning from Mrs. Maguire not to get involved in crime, women and drinking, Sidney pocketed a letter addressed to him and went to the sitting room to talk to Arthur Evans (Kieran O’Brien) and Isabel Livingstone (Lucy Black), who wanted to get married, after meeting each other seven months ago. Because of this, Sidney agreed to pay a visit to Isabel’s mother, Daisy Livingstone (Jean Marsh), in order to help the couple get her blessing. However, Daisy refused to allow them to get married and told Sidney that she believed that Arthur was trying to do her in.

Back at the vicarage, Sidney instructed Leonard to start working on his sermon for that upcoming Sunday.

At the local pub, Inspector Geordie Keating (Robson Green) called Sidney a spoilsport as he was trying his best to stop drinking. He then read the letter that he pocketed, which Geordie snatched away from him as it turned out to be from Hildegard Staunton (Pheline Roggan). Geordie then advised him to write to her. However, they were interrupted by Leonard, who told Sidney that he had to go back to Grantchester right away as Daisy Livingstone had passed away.

Later that day, Sidney, with much hesitation, wrote a letter to the Archbishop in order to apply for Guy and Amanda’s marriage. Afterwards, Leonard presented him with the first draft of his sermon and was surprised to see that Mrs. Maguire had allowed Geordie to wait in the sitting room, and was even more surprised that Mrs. Maguire had told him that she had thought that Arthur Evans was a bad apple. Because of this, Sidney was forced to tell Geordie that Daisy believed that Arthur had wanted to kill her so that he could marry Isabel.

At the medical examiner’s office, the medical examiner, Dr. Robinson (Mark Bonnar), told them that the cause of death was breast cancer. Afterwards, they paid a visit to the coroner, Mr. Jarvis (Michael Simkins), whom Geordie knew was very incompetent. There, Mr. Jarvis told them that Daisy Livingstone had died due to natural causes, and had released the body for cremation. Geordie then brought Sidney back to the church and suggested that since he had to prepare Isabel and Arthur for marriage, he might as well insert some questions regarding the case.

Inside the vicarage, Sidney learned from Isabel and Arthur that Daisy had left everything to her sister, Ms. Sheppard, which they found strange since Daisy did not like her sister at all. Later, Sidney noticed an old man standing near the cemetery. He then learned that the old man was looking for Daisy’s final resting place and found it odd that she wasn’t buried near the oak tree, because he claimed that that was what Daisy had wanted. Disturbed by this, Sidney decided to look through the church’s papers and found that Daisy had bought a lot near the oak tree at the cemetery. However, when he confronted Ms. Sheppard about this, she was not able to properly reply to him as he was interrupted by Leonard who asked his opinion regarding his sermon. As Sidney had not read it, he said that it was alright. However, after finally reading it, right before the sermon was to be given, Sidney realized that the sermon would not go well at all, much to Leonard’s embarrassment. He then apologized to him and promised that next time he would read all of Leonard’s sermons over and over again before Sunday came.

Sidney lied to Amanda and told her that the Archbishop had denied their request, even if the Archbishop had granted it. After telling Amanda about his latest case and his suspicions that either Arthur or Isabel had probably killed Daisy, she made him realize that they had probably wanted to get married right away because she was probably pregnant. He then confronted Isabel about it and discovered that not only was she pregnant, but that Arthur had suddenly disappeared and had taken all of Isabel’s jewelry and money. After coming out of Isabel’s house, he noticed that the old man that he had met the day before just passed by him in a car. He then noticed that Dickens was in the middle of the road and discovered that Leonard was calling him from Ms. Sheppard’s house. It turned out that Leonard had taken Sidney’s advice to go around and talk to the villagers, and in doing so, he had walked into Ms. Sheppard’s house only to find that she had died and that a particular photograph was missing from its frame.

At the coroner’s office, they discovered that Ms. Sheppard had been poisoned and had died of heart failure. They then discovered that the photograph that had gone missing was a picture of Daisy holding a baby Isabel.

Afterwards, Geordie authorized a search to find Arthur Evans, whom they eventually found and arrested. It turned out that Arthur Evans was just an alias and that he married women for their money. However, he claimed that he did not poison or kill Ms. Sheppard or Daisy Livingstone, and told them that Isabel was innocent. They then discovered that his prints did not match those that were lifted off from the picture frame. He then told them that he had noticed though that an old man had been lingering around Daisy’s house lately, the same old man that Sidney had seen in the cemetery and in the car right before they had discovered that Ms. Sheppard had died.

At Ms. Sheppard’s funeral, the old man came and told Sidney that he had been schoolmates with the sisters. Sidney then asked his help as his hands were full, and thanks to that, they were able to lift his prints from off the chalice and compared it to the prints found on the picture frame. After testing it, they found that it was a match. However, Geordie couldn’t make the arrest because Sidney had no idea who the man really was.

He was then surprised when he got back home to find the old man there. It turned out that the man, Jack Chapman (Nick Brimble), knew Mrs. Maguire and was Isabel’s father. However, he had been young when Daisy had Isabel and all that he wanted to do was to travel the world. He had never come back until now because Ms. Sheppard had written to him telling him that she and Daisy were dying of liver cancer.

At the local pub, Geordie met up with Sidney and Leonard, who was busy reading “Crime and Punishment.” After Leonard mentioned that everyone in Grantchester was very welcoming, Sidney realized that since there had been no sign of a struggle, the murderer was someone the people often entrusted their lives to.

Sidney and Geordie then went over to Mr. Jarvis and, after looking at his records, realized that he had signed off on many deaths with questionable cause. This confirmed their suspicions that Dr. Robinson was the one who was killing old people who were about to die, in some sort of act of mercy. They then stopped Dr. Robinson from administering poison to Mr. Fielding, who claimed that he wanted to die already, and arrested him for murder. However, he didn’t see it as murder and believed that he was doing it for their own good. This made Sidney think about the men that he had killed when he served as a soldier, and decided to drink again with Geordie.

The next day, he called Amanda and Guy to Grantchester and informed them that the Archbishop had granted them their request to get married at Grantchester.

That Sunday, Leonard did well in his sermon and Mrs. Maguire took it upon herself to reunite Jack Chapman with his daughter, Isabel.

Afterwards, Sidney decided to write to Hildegard, took the photograph that she had sent him and placed in over the picture that had him and Amanda in it.

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